Drop-in Sports & Activities

Learn about our Drop-in Sports & Activities!

Sport & Rec offers a wide selection of Drop-In Sports and Activities, ranging from a variety of field to target and racquet sports to skating for you and your friends to play your favourite sports or simply try something new.

Drop-in activities are an easy way to fit movement and play into your busy academic schedule to help keep refresh your mind and body. 

Please note: all Drop-In schedules are subject to change. Check the respective program registration page for the most up to date schedule and available time slots.

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Explore Drop-In sports & activities below:

group playing frisbee


college guy playing basketball indoors


Field Sports

Come onto the field for your favourite sports & activities on our outdoor spaces!

Indoor Sports

Leverage our indoor courts and spaces to play a variety of sports!

Activities include:
Activities include:


swimming in a lane


young asian male with a badminton racket


Ice & Water Sports

Want to learn or improve your skating or swimming abilities? We can get you started or help develop mastery with our drop-in activities.

Target & Racquet Sports

From racquets to paddles to cricket bats and fencing foils, we have a variety of sports & activities you can try (or perfect).

Activities include:
Activities include:
  • Lane swim
  • Ice Skating - Coming soon!
  • Stick n' Puck - Coming soon!
  • Drop-in Badminton
  • Drop-in Table Tennis - Coming soon!
  • Drop-in Tennis - Coming soon!
  • Drop-in Squash - Coming soon!

We also offer various options for competitive sport, such as Intramurals and Tri-campus League. Check out our competitive sports that we offer. Learn more.