Call for Study Participants

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Online Research Study:

  1. Competitive team sport athletes aged 16+ needed for study
  2. Breast cancer survivors needed for research study. 
  3. Peer Mentors needed to help Cancer Survivors Adopt and Maintain Physical Activity
  4. Participants needed for Women with Breast Cancer Post Chemotherapy Study
  5. Right-handed healthy females and males aged 18-35 needed for study. 
  6. Volunteers with different body types needed for a nutrition research study
  7. Women aged 50+ needed across Ontario for remote intermittent fasting study
  8. Healthy Active Older (Ages: 60-80) and Younger (Ages: 18-35) Female and Male Adults needed for an at-home study on usual and low physical activity levels.
  9. Current and former student-athletes needed for work integrated learning experience 
  10. Volunteers Needed for Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI) in Females

In Person Research Study:

  1. Active males and females needed for an exercise research study  
  2. Brain Imaging and Non-invasive Brain Stimulation Study
  3. Decision Making and Action Study Seeking Participants
  4. Brain Activity Study Seeking Participants 
  5. The Emotional and Cognitive Effects of Mental Fatigue on Physical Activity Enjoyment: A Body Image Perspective 
  6. Recreationally active males and females needed for exercise research study.
  7. Healthy Young Adults Needed for Protein Breath Test Validation Study
  8. Women needed for an exercise and nutrition study
  9. Participants needed for a study looking at handedness in motor learning. 
  10. Participants needed for a study into how the sense of touch changes at a piano key press.
  11. Healthy, recreationally active adults needed for study.
  12. Prostate Cancer Survivors (18+) Needed for Study 
  13. Participants needed for Forearm Study
  14. Youth Needed for an Exercise Metabolism Research Study
  15. Previously ACL injured recreationally active or higher athletes who have been cleared to return to sport needed for study.
  16. Participants needed for study comparing lower body movements between athletes and non-athletes
  17. Healthy, physically active older females and males needed for research study
  18. Female Oral Contraceptive Users Needed for a Sports Nutrition study
  19. Influence of Robotic Guidance on the Learning of a Rhythmic Task Study
  20. Implicit Associations in Sport (Ages 13-18) 
  21. Study of physical activity behaviour following mental fatigue 

  22. Research Subjects Aged 45-80 Years Needed for Exercise Study

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