Call for Study Participants

Online Research Study: 

  1. Recreationally active females wanted for an at-home exercise and nutrition research study
  2. Participants needed for a study on body image perception
  3. Males and females wanted for at-home breath test study
  4. Volunteers Needed For Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI) in Females
  5. Survey: Do you have a child that currently, or previously, participated in youth sports?
  6. Online Survey Seeking Competitive Athletes
  7. Body Image Study 

In Person Research Study:

  1. Finger Pointing and Aiming Task with Muscle Vibration 
  2. Implicit Associations in Sport (Ages 13-18) 
  3. Examining the use of sensory information during movement (ages 17-47)
  4. Study of physical activity behaviour following mental fatigue 

  5. Decision-making and action study – Right-handed adults (18 to 35 years old) 

  6. Research Subjects Aged 45-80 Years Needed for Exercise Study
  7. Investigating how female cancer survivors feel during and after different types of exercise
  8. Effects of Protein Quality on Post-Exercise Recovery in Active Youth (ages 8-16)
  9. Exploring Athletic Identity & Concussion Healthy Athletes Needed 
  10. Healthy recreationally active females wanted for an exercise research study 
  11. Reaching with different vision conditions (ages 18-46, right handed)
  12. Sensory Information during Movement (age 17-47, right handed, no musical training) 

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