Welcome KPE and Varsity Blues alumni and friends.

The Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education Alumni and Advancement Office works with both athletic and academic alumni, donors and volunteers. Whether you represented a Varsity Blues team as a student-athlete, or earned an undergraduate or graduate degree from the Faculty, we are your contacts for news, events, volunteering and supporting the programs that mean the most to you.

Academic alumni of the Faculty are represented by the KPE Alumni Association. Varsity Blues alumni are known as T-Holders and are represented by the T-Holders’ Association. Please contact alumni.kpe@utoronto.ca if you are interested in learning more about alumni activities or would like to subscribe to email updates! You can also keep up with the Faculty by reading Pursuit magazine.

Update from Dean Ira Jacobs - Spring 2021


Update from Dean Ira Jacobs from UofT Kinesiology & Phys Ed on Vimeo.