R. Tait McKenzie Society

The R. Tait McKenzie Society is the Faculty’s academic honours society. It was founded in 1956 by Director Dr. J. Harry Ebbs for the purpose of bringing outstanding students together with faculty for social evenings of scholarly and professional interest.

The society was named in honour of R. Tait McKenzie, Canadian physical educator, physician, author and sculptor. He was a creative innovator in the use of physical activity for rehabilitation. R. Tait McKenzie used his surgeon’s skill to show through sculpture the human form of men and women striving to perfect their physique.He is thought by many to have surpassed the Greeks and certainly is considered the greatest sculptor of athletics in the modern world.

Under the leadership of the current president, Martha (Cumming) Buchanan (BPHE 1991), the society now brings together undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and alumni for meetings with featured speakers.

Admission is open to students who are in the top ten in their academic year and achieve an “A” average based upon a full course load and graduating students who achieve high honours standing. The student(s) cannot already be a member.

For more information on the Society or to find out about upcoming events, please contact alumni.kpe@utoronto.ca.