The Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education is somewhat unique within U of T, in that it has responsibility for both curricular programs (BKIN, MSc, MPK & PhD) and co-curricular activities (campus recreation, intercollegiate and intramural athletics and community programming).

This is reflected in a pyramid governance structure: Faculty Council (FC) has overall jurisdiction over all programs (except for the co-curricular budget); the Council of Athletics and Recreation (CAR) has jurisdiction over the co-curricular programs on the St. George campus and others of a university-wide nature.

Athletics councils/committees at UTM & UTSC are responsible for athletics programs on their own campuses.

The two Councils have four joint committees—Awards, Equity Issues, Restricted Fund and Sponsorship. The Dean, the President (or designate) and the councils’ chairs are ex-officio members of both Councils. Through the electoral process, other faculty, staff, students and alumnae could serve on both Councils and usually one to three persons do so each year. The overall FPEH Constitution was carefully reviewed and redrafted in consultation with the Governing Council secretariat during the merger process (1997-98). Since then, FC has made several essentially ‘housekeeping’ amendments, most recently in May 2009; the CAR Constitution is essentially unchanged from 1998.