Accessibility for Ontarians with a Disability (AODA) training is required for all casual and appointed staff, unless the employee has previously met this requirement. Compliance with the AODA Customer Service Standards legislation is required and reported. The Faculty provides a range of ways to meet these criteria. Staff members should confirm with their supervisors which training option is best for their positions.

Compliance with the AODA Customer Service Standards legislation is required and reported. We provide a range of ways to meet this, including the Customer Service Standard Training for Faculty and Staff located on the University's AODA website.

One of the training options available is by means of a brochure, which is especially appropriate for those who have very brief contracts with us, and should have been included in the letter of offer when you were hired. If you did not receive this brochure upon hire please contact your supervisor.

Training options include:

  • completing the Faculty's Online Learning Module (detailed below)
  • viewing the Faculty’s "Understanding Disabilities" DVD, which is especially suited to physical activity environments
  • attending a one-hour workshop (which includes a screening of the DVD, a review of the AODA Customer Service Standards brochure, and a question-and-answer period)*

*The one hour workshop is designed for KPE staff to enhance one’s understanding and skills to address barriers which dis-able persons with impairments.

Workshop dates: To come...

Registration will be required. If you require assistance using our online registration service, please contact the main office at 416-978-3436.


This online session has been designed specifically to help you understand more about accessibility so that you meet expectations for serving the public, our students and our members while working in the Faculty.

Before beginning this workshop you will need:

Microsoft PowerPoint version 2003 or later

To complete this required staff training, please follow these steps:

Please remove any distractions from your environment so you can devote your full attention to the workshop.

Choose the ‘Accessibility & Customer Service’ link below which will open up the PowerPoint show.

Navigate through the slideshow by using the directional arrows on your keyboard or by clicking once on the center of the screen with your mouse. To visit a previous slide, use the left directional arrow on the keyboard or use the navigation arrows in the bottom left corner of the screen (Note: wait for the audio narrative on each slide to finish before continuing on to the next slide).

A script of the show has been provided in a PDF format below.

Once you have finished the slideshow please take the ‘Accessibility & Customer Service Quiz.’ This will lead you to a short quiz which will test some of the information from the module. This quiz is MANDATORY to signify your completion of this training session.



For additional information about Accessibility Services on campus.

If you have any questions or comments please contact or 416-946-3060.