Personal Training Services

Move better & build your confidence with personalized coaching!

Experience personalized coaching centered around you and your health and fitness goals.

Tightly integrated with U of T's Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical Education, our coaches utilize evidence-based practices and research to customize and lead you through a personal training plan. Over each session, you'll progress through a variety of movements and exercises tailored to your movement capacity and goals.

We're here to help you feel more competent and confident in the gym and develop foundational physical literacy for life! 

Highlights of the personal training program and services:

  • Led by an expert coach in a 1:1 training environment
  • Detailed programming developed to help you progress safely and effectively
  • Opportunity to learn and build foundational knowledge of exercises and healthy habits that can be applied to every day activities
  • Options to complete sessions in multiple high-performance facilities at the Athletic Centre and Goldring Centre for High Performance Sport 
  • 2 options available: 8-session or 12-session packages


This program requires the purchase of a personal training package to participate. Please email if you are interested in joining our contact list for new clients OR if are interested in re-purchasing a new package (available to existing clients only). 

A personal training package is available to purchase as an additional service to an active Sport & Rec membership. An active Sport & Rec membership or current U of T student access is required throughout the entire duration of the personal training package. 

Limited spots available - Email the U of T Fitness & Performance Team to get started! 


Athletic Centre (55 Harbord St., Toronto) - Strength & Conditioning Centre (SCC)

Goldring Centre for High Performance Sport (100 Devonshire Pl., Toronto) - Strength & Conditioning Centre (SCC)

Eligibility & Pricing:

Students: U of T students paying incidental fees for the current term can access this program by purchasing a personal training package. 

Members: Anyone who has a current Sport & Rec membership can access this programming by purchasing a personal training package. An active Sport & Rec membership is required for the duration of the package. 

Eligibility8-Session Package12-Session Package
U of T Student / U of T Non-Registered Summer Student:$480.00 + HST$700.00 + HST
Non-U of T Student (Staff/Faculty, Sport & Rec Member):$680.00 + HST$890.00 + HST

Schedule & Important Information:

New Clients (Waitlist is currently closed): 

  1. Email to join the new client waitlist. 
  2. You will then complete a Personal Training Client Intake Questionnaire. In the form, you will answer a variety of questions regarding your health, your interests and goals, and which package you are interested in purchasing. 
    1. Please note that if you answered "YES" to at least one of the PAR-Q+ health questions, you will need to complete a PARmed-x form with your doctor prior to getting started. More information will be provided if applicable. 
  3. With the information shared in your intake form, we will do our best to match you with a personal training coach that best aligns with your interests/goals, exercise history, and schedule. Prior to fully committing to the program, we want to ensure that we have a coach that best meets your needs and that is available. 
  4. Once a coach is confirmed, we will follow up with a payment link via the Sport & Rec Portal
  5. Once payment is completed and confirmed, you will be introduced to your coach via email and set up on our Mindbody platform to book your first session. More instructions to follow. 

Returning Clients:

  1. Email that you would like to purchase another package. Please include your full name, which package you would like to purchase, and the coach you are working with. If you wish to work with another coach (e.g. schedule or goal/interest changes), please kindly let us know via email. 
  2. We will confirm with the coach that they are still available to take you on as their client. Once confirmed with the coach, we will follow up with a payment link via the Sport & Rec Portal
  3. Once payment is completed and confirmed, we will add the new package on your Mindbody account and give you the go ahead to continue training. More instructions to follow. 

Each package includes the following services and benefits: 

  • 1:1 coaching with an expert coach
  • Detailed exercise program developed to help you progress safely and effectively throughout each session 
  • Mobility/movement assessment conducted during the first session to evaluate how well you move 
  • Opportunity to learn and build foundational knowledge of exercises and healthy habits that can be applied to daily life activities
  • All exercise equipment is provided during each session   

Each session is 60 minutes.

Sessions can occur at the Athletic Centre or at the Goldring Centre for High Performance Sport

How do I book a session? 

Once you are assigned your coach, you will receive a booking link via the Mindbody platform. All session bookings are by appointment request only and will be confirmed by your coach. You will receive confirmation emails from Mindbody that you have made the appointment request and an email confirming the appointment. 

Where to meet your coach for your first session? 

Each first session will take place at the Athletic Centre - Strength & Conditioning Centre unless stated otherwise by your coach. Please meet your coach at the entrance of the Strength & Conditioning Centre. Please come prepared in clothes you feel comfortable to exercise in, athletic shoes, and a water bottle. Please store your belongings (including large bags and jackets) in a locker in the changerooms (you must bring your own lock). 

Following your first session, you can coordinate with your coach which facility you would like to book your next sessions. 

What if I can no longer attend my scheduled session? 

We understand that plans may change and that you are no longer able to attend your session anymore. Please notify your coach via email as soon as possible. You can early cancel your appointment on the Mindbody platform up to 24-hours prior to your scheduled appointment time. If you cancel your appointment less that 24-hours in advance or miss your appointment (no show), it will be considered a late cancel and the full sessional rate of the session will be charged. 

If you require any assistance or have any questions, please email 

How do I check how many sessions I have left? 

On the Mindbody platform, under your Profile, you can view how many sessions are left in your package. If you are interested in re-purchasing another package, we recommend purchasing when you have 2 sessions left to ensure a seamless transition between packages. 

Does my personal training package expire? 

To support your fitness and performance goals, personal training sessions are designed to be scheduled at least 2x per week.

Packages of 8 personal training sessions expire 8 weeks after the first session. Packages of 12 sessions expire 12 weeks after the first session. Any unused sessions after these expiry dates will be cancelled and partial refunds will not be provided. If you have any questions, please email 

All cancellation requests, including a reason for the request must be received in writing to  

A pro-rated refund will be provided from the date of the email request, less a $22.12 + HST administration fee. To request a refund for an earlier period, valid medical documentation must be provided listing the date of illness/injury. No refunds, holds, or extensions are provided due to closures, schedule changes, or facility availability.   

Refunds are issued in-person or via phone at 416-978-3436. Learn more about the refund process here.

Participants withdrawing for medical reasons will receive an exemption and be issued a pro-rated refund for the remaining sessions left in a package. A doctor’s note is required and must be received within 2-weeks of the date of illness/injury.


Email us at for additional information.