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Whether you're a beginner and have never done gymnastics before, or have some training, we have lessons to help you develop your skills and train like a gymnast! Check out our programs below.

Spring registration opens on April 4

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Athletic Centre (55 Harbord), Lower Gym

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Registration opens on April 4

Gymnastics Body Conditioning

Executing fundamental movement patterns (including statics, landings, locomotions and springs) on the different gymnastics' apparatus, this class is structured to develop your endurance, strength, power, active flexibility, spatial awareness and overall fitness level in a safe, fun environment.  You will learn exercise commonly used by artistic gymnastics in their daily conditioning. 

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11:00 am - 12:00 pm      

Gymnastics Fundamentals

Gymnastics isn't just for kids! This exhilarating program is designed for people with little or no experience in gymnastics. Learn basic gymnastics skills (supports, somersaults, handstands) on the men’s and women’s gymnastics apparatus that will help improve your overall strength, agility and flexibility. Through progression-based teaching methods participants in this program will be encouraged to develop their gymnastics skills and improve at their own pace. 

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2-3:30 p.m. (cancelled) .    

Gymnastics for all

This exhilarating program is designed for people with varying experience ( beginner to competitive) in gymnastics. Gymnasts will be assessed and grouped on the first day into appropriate skill level training groups. Beginners will learn gymnastics skills that will help improve your overall strength, spatial awareness, agility and flexibility including somersaults, cartwheels, handstands and basics skills on the men's and women's artistic gymnastics apparatus (including vault, bars, beam and floor exercise). Our more advanced gymnasts will continue their journey guided by their individual goals. Through progression-based teaching methods, participants in this program will be encouraged to develop their gymnastics skills and improve at their own pace.

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 7:30-9:00 p.m. 7:30-9:00 p.m.  



This class will teach you the building blocks to move through your environment with skill and ease.  Using gymnastics equipment participants will begin to explore the fundamentals of movement including landings, locomotions, rotations, springs and swings and develop their superhuman skills.  Learn how to jump, land, rotate, climb and combine them all safely.

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1-2 p.m. Parkour Basics (cancelled)





Trampolining is a fun and exciting way to improve your overall fitness level; including balance, coordination and core strength. Starting with basic trampoline skills, participants will be motivated to improve their abilities on the trampoline at their own pace. 

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12:00-1 p.m.      

Other Information:

Participants are asked to wear comfortable athletic attire in all registered activities.  Athletic shoes with non-marking soles are required in activity areas.