Tri-Campus League

The Tri-Campus League offers athletes a heightened level of competition, without the time commitment of a varsity athletic program.   

Athletes have the opportunity to take their game to the next level by learning from a committed coaching staff during dedicated practice times, travel to any of the 3 University of Toronto Campuses, and compete in fully officiated matches. The Tri-Campus League offers participants a way to build friendships through competitive sport, which will last long after the final whistle is blown. 

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to have ripple effects on all aspects of our community, including Tri-Campus Development league competitions. As such, U of T Tri-Campus Sports will resume with a delayed start for the 2021-2022 year. The Tri-Campus Development League will return to full competition with a modified schedule beginning in January 2022.  There will also be additional requirements to participate in the Tri-Campus Development League (please read the details below, which outline very important participation criteria).

The following Men’s and Women’s Tri-Campus Development League sports will return: Basketball, Indoor Soccer and Volleyball.  Men’s Ice-Hockey will not return until the Fall of 2022 due to facility availability.  Team try-outs will be held in late October/ early November.  Please check for details at your specific campus.
We look forward to the return of U of T tri-campus sports! 

Important Information for Athletes in the Tri-Campus Development League
“Tri-Campus Development League has been designated as a higher risk activity for the transmission COVID 19. Other higher risk activities include Varsity Athletics, Music Instruction and some placements.

Only those students who are fully vaccinated with a Health Canada or WHO approved vaccination or who have received an exemption from vaccination from the University of Toronto may participate in the Tri-Campus Development League program in 2021-22.  Students who have been vaccinated with non-Health Canada or WHO vaccinations should contact the athletics staff at for assistance. 

Students are considered fully vaccinated 14 days after they receive their second dose. 

In order to participate in this program, students will be required to upload your proof of vaccination into Service Now which is a registration system. If you have not been vaccinated due to a medical, religion/creed reason, you will still need to register, and your responses in Service Now will take you to a place where you can request an exemption from the requirement.  

NOTE – the criteria for exemption will be listed in the registration system and the exemption process will be managed by U of T Health and Wellness and the Vice Provost Students Office.  Once you can access the registration system and have reviewed the information there, you will also be able to contact a University staff member to answer any questions. 

Should participants choose to not get fully vaccinated or if they have not received an exemption from the University of Toronto, they will not have access to the Tri-Campus Development League Program for 2021-22.

More information will follow once students register for the Tri-Campus Development League try-outs.”

For additional up to date information, please refer to


The Tri-Campus League offers the following programs:

  • Men's Ice Hockey (Postponed until Fall 2022 due to Facility Availability)
  • Men's Basketball
  • Men's Indoor Soccer
  • Men's Outdoor Soccer (postponed until Fall 2022)
  • Men's Volleyball
  • Women's Basketball
  • Women's Indoor Soccer
  • Women's Outdoor Soccer (postponed until Fall 2022)
  • Women's Volleyball

Who is eligible?

Tri-Campus League tryouts are open to both full and part-time undergraduate students and graduate students. If you are a current graduate student who has used up all of your years of Varsity Eligibility, you are still eligible to compete in the Tri-Campus League teams.


Tryout Dates & Times

Fall 2021 tryout dates to be determined. 


Each of the offered Tri-Campus Leagues are comprised of four teams, one team from both UTM and UTSC and two teams that represent the St. George Campus. Teams will play home and away games on a travelling schedule on all three campuses. Teams will practice once per week at the St.George campus with games played once per week. 

For more information on our Tri-Campus League Program, contact:


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