Fencing Instruction

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Fencing Level 1 is an introductory class to the world of fencing. This class teaches stretching, basic footwork, and how to defend and attack with a foil. Equipment is provided.

Fencing Level 2 builds on the skills learned in Level 1 .  Fencing Level II teaches more advanced techniques, competitive tactics, and weapon-specific training. Equipment is provided 

Fencing Level 1 IS offered in THE Fall semester & Fencing Level 2 IS offered in THE Winter semester

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Athletic Centre, Dance Studio

 Schedule & Important Information

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

Fencing Level 1 4:10-5:00pm


Fencing Level 1 5:10-6:00pm


 Fencing Level 1 4:10-5:00pm


Fencing Level 1 5:10-6:00pm



No classes on Mon, Oct 9 & Nov 6 and 8

Participants are asked to wear comfortable athletic attire in all registered activities. Athletic shoes with non-marking soles are required in activity areas.

Other equipment is provided.