Registered Programs and Instruction


Whether you are looking to get active, learn something new or have some fun, there area a wide range of registered programs and instruction classes to choose from. With expert coaches that reflect the knowledge that U of T is known for, you will have the unique opportunity to experience high-quality instruction, with spaces and equipment all provided for you. There are so many different instructional lessons available for you to explore something new and find your skill! 

Registration Instructions: 

1.   Open on a desktop web browser. (We recommend avoiding the use of Mozilla FireFox as our registration page may not display properly.)

2.    Find the program offering of choice from the chart below. Click this and it will take you to our registration system.

3.    Once you arrive to the program offering on the online registration system, SIGN IN (using the 'Sign in' link in the TOP RIGHT corner) to your account first before selecting the offering you’d like to register for.

4.    Once you have logged in, you should remain on the program offering page. You can now select the option to enroll into and continue with the registration process.

Watch the video to learn more about the various registered instructional programs available. 


Discover our Instructional Programs

Register for Fall 2024 starting on September 3. Programs begin the week of September 16.

 Strength & Conditioning Instruction

Work on your fitness & learn a new skill! 

Girl boxing with a pink glove, surrounded by peers

Empower yourself, learn new skills, improve your fitness and have fun with your peers in this non-contact boxing program! Join one of the four available offerings:

  • Introductory (Returning in Fall 2024)
  • Introductory: Women-only (Returning in Fall 2024)
  • Intermediate (Returning in Fall 2024)
  • Intermediate: Women-only (Returning in Fall 2024)

Fall 2024 programs coming soon!

Learn more about Boxing for Fitness

Snatch, Clean, Jerk!

Woman snatches weight on top of her head

Learn, re-learn, develop or fine-tune your lifting technique as you build the strength to move barbells like a champion.

Fall 2024 programs coming soon!

Learn more about Olympic Weightlifting

Sports Instruction

Choose from four levels of Tennis!

Two women playing tennis with a blue background

From the basics of the game to more of an advanced class, see what fits your tennis skills and have some fun! 

Register for the Fall starting September 3

Learn more about Tennis

Choose from three different levels of Gymnastics!

Woman balancing with a leg outstreched, surrounded by gymnasts in the lower gym

Three levels of gymnastics are offered for all levels of movers! Whether you're a beginner and have never done gymnastics before, or have some training, we have lessons to help you develop your skills and train like a gymnast! 

Register for the Fall starting September 3

Learn more about Gymnastics

Swing Around Your Environment!

Man jumping on top of a platform, wearing a U of T t-shirt

Explore the fundamentals of movement including landings, locomotions, rotations, springs and swings to develop superhuman skills!

Register for the Fall starting September 3

Learn more about Parkour gymnastics


Women wearing a purple t-shirt and leggings jumping on a trampoline while doing side splits

Trampolining is a fun and exciting way to improve your balance, coordination and core strength!

Register for the Fall starting September 3

​​​​​​​Learn more about Trampoline


Man swimming in the pool

Choose between five levels of swim training and private courses that will take you from a basic level of swimming strokes through to intermediate proficiency and learning advanced stroke mechanics!

Register for the Fall starting September 3

Learn more about Aquatics 

Leap and Dive!

Woman preparing to dive next to a instructor

Learn all levels of springboard diving skills in a safe and non-competitive environment!

Register for the Fall starting September 3

Learn more about Springboard Diving


Three people shooting golf balls

Our golf instruction courses will take you from a basic level of understanding the use of various golf clubs to chip, putt, drive, and as well elementary ball control and swing mechanics. 

 Golf programming is not available in Spring/Summer 2024 and will return in Winter 2025.

Learn more about Golf

Learn the basics of fencing! 

People fencing while wearing helmets

Learn how to defend and attack in this introduction to fencing.

Fencing programming is not available in Spring/Summer 2024 and will return in Fall 2024.

Learn more about Fencing

Feel comfortable on the ice!

Two women with outstretched arms and helments, learning to skate

Whether you're learning to skate for the first time or want to improve your skills, register to get on the ice.

Skating programming is not available in Spring/Summer 2024 and will return in Fall 2024.

Learn more about Learn to Skate

It's game time! 

A girl playing Badminton

Other badminton players are ready to play if you're up for a game of badminton.

Register for the Fall starting September 3

Learn more about Badminton

Intro to Squash

Two men with raquets playing squash

This is a great introduction to a fun sport that will help you get fit at the same time!

Register for the Spring/Summer starting April 4

Learn more about Squash

Personal and Small Group Training

Maximize your fitness and performance... for life!

Woman coaching man doing a barbell squat

Experience personalized coaching centered around you and your fitness needs. You'll leave every session feeling inspired and closer to achieving your goals.

Join the waitlist for new clients - email

Learn more about Personal Training

Discover your strength and potential with a team! 

Woman doing a hip thrust in an Impact Training Class

Whether you are new to working out or a seasoned lifter, our small group training program will help you crush your fitness goals through dedicated coaching and a focused plan.

Purchase your Pass for the Spring/Summer starting April 1

Learn more about IMPACT Training

Registration and Transfer Policies

For all adult registered instructional programs, members can register or transfer to another program offering before the start of the 2nd class. Once the registration period closes, registration and transfer requests cannot be completed. 

Please email or call 416-978-3436 to make a transfer request. 

Waitlist Registration

Members can be added to the waiting list online or in-person at one of our facilities. If a spot becomes available, you will be notified by email and will have 24 hours to complete the registration. Program registrations and waitlisted spaces are non-transferable.

Withdrawal and Refund Policies

  • All program withdrawal requests, including a reason for the request, must be received in writing to before the withdrawal deadlines (see below). 
  • Participants will be refunded the full amount less a cancellation fee of 10% or $5 - whichever is greater - for each withdrawn registration.
  • Refunds are issued in person or via phone at 416-978-3436. Learn more about the refund process here.
  • Participants withdrawing for medical reasons will receive an exemption and be issued a pro-rated refund for the remainder of the program. A doctor’s note is required. Notes must be received within two weeks of the date of illness.

Withdrawal deadlines