Eligibility and Registration

Learn more about eligibility and registration to play with your intramurals team!


To participate in Intramural activities participants must pay the University of Toronto Athletic Centre membership fee (included for students in the ancillary fees) and register through IMLeagues for each team on which they play!  

During the Fall/Winter semester, participation is limited to U of T students only, with staff, faculty, and alumni permitted to play under certain restrictions. In the Summer semester, all UofT community members are eligible to play in Intramurals.

All participants in the Intramural Program must sign their name, list their membership or student number on the game sheet, and show their membership or student card to identify themselves. A player who is missing their t-card or membership card may obtain a temporary pass from the KPE membership services office and show that, along with photo identification, and be allowed to play. A player may do this a maximum of three times per academic year. 


Division I is usually reserved for students, but when a sport offers only one division, staff, faculty, and alumni members of the Athletic Center may participate in that division, too. See which division you can play for: 

  1. Students: Current U of T students may play in any division.  
  2. Staff: Full-time U of T staff who are members of the Athletic Centre may play in Div. II and lower, except in cases where they must play for the unit for which they work. 
  3. Faculty: U of T faculty members who are members of the Athletic Centre may play in Div. II and lower, except in cases that they mus must play for the unit for which they work.  
  4. Alumni:  Alumni members (graduates of the University of Toronto) of the Athletic Center may play in Div. II and lower. Such participants must play for a unit from which they graduated. A team may have a maximum of 2 alumni members on its roster. 
  5.  Community: Community members of the Athletic Center are not eligible to play in fall and winter intramural sports. 
  6. Post-Doctoral Students: Post-doctoral members of the Athletic Center are eligible to play any level of intramurals provided that they have a current AC membership. 
  7.  Transitional Year Program: Students enrolled in the Transitional Year Program (TYP) are eligible to play if they are members of the Athletic Centre. They are affiliated with Woodsworth College. 

Summer Eligibility Guidelines

During the summer months, anyone with an active Sport & Rec membership is permitted to participate in Intramurals. If you do not have an active membership through student fees or through having purchased a monthly membership, then you will need to purchase an Intramural membership for the night you are playing. 



A participant in Division I or II may compete only for those units with which they are affiliated. Affiliation defines someone who is registered or a resident in a college, faculty, or recognized group. 

  1. Multiple Affiliations: A student who is affiliated with more than one College, Faculty or recognized group (e.g. residence) may compete for any one of those units in each Intramural Sport as long as they have paid the unit's activity fees for that year. Students who are eligible to play for teams in different Colleges, Faculties or recognized groups, will be bound in that sport for the season only to the College, Faculty or recognized group for which they first appear. 
  2. Change of Affiliation: Students who change their affiliation status (i.e. change college/faculty) will be allowed to continue to play for their previous competitive unit provided that such participation is not broken by a switch to playing for the new unit. In the case of serious illness or injury, permission to continue such affiliation may be granted by the Secretary of the appropriate Intramural Sports Committee. 
  1. In most activities, a student who is deemed a current member of an Intercollegiate team is not eligible for Intramural play in that sport. An intercollegiate practice squad player may play intramurals until they play in three Varsity Blues games. 
  2. As a minimum criterion, former intercollegiate athletes must play in the highest division entry (in their sport competed at Intercollegiate level) sponsored by their unit of affiliation. 
  3. In Innertube Water Polo, special regulations are in force to permit limited number of current Intercollegiate team members to play for Intramural teams. For details inquire at the Intramural Office. 
  4. In Rugby, Division I teams shall be allowed to dress a maximum of two varsity players for each game. Division II teams shall be allowed to dress a maximum of one varsity player for each game. 

A participant may only play on one team and/or division per sport regardless of level, be it in Men's or Women's competitions or Co-ed programs. Participation shall be defined as having their name appear on the game sheet. Further, eligible students may play in either the Men's or the Women's program as well as the Coed Program. 

  1. Exceptions: Male participants may apply to the Women's I.S.C. if they wish to play in a Women's sport (league or tournament). Also, female ice hockey players may play in both the men’s and women’s leagues. 
  2. Transferring Teams: For a participant to have the opportunity to play with a team suitable to his/her ability a player may transfer teams under certain specific rules and procedures: Players may play a maximum of one game per year per sport at a higher level but reserve the right to move down to a lower skill level until they have played a second game at the higher level. Official transfer forms must be filed as per current rules and emergency replacement regulations remain in force. No other transfers of temporary replacements are allowed. Female participants may play one game per year per sport in a men’s division. 
  3. Independent TeamsIndependent teams enter leagues in the Open Division. At that level, the team may be composed of players from any number of different units (i.e. in the Open Division, a player is not bound to play for her/his unit of affiliation). 
Free Agent's (Player's Pool)

Players who are affiliated with a College, Faculty, or a recognized group, that does not enter a team in a particular sport, may apply for inclusion in a player's pool to be assigned to a team on a need basis. Applications are available at the Intramural Office. 

  1.  A student is eligible for the pool if they belong to a college or faculty where no team is sponsored. Application as a free agent can be made directly on IMLeagues. Simply click on the league(s) you wish to join, then click on Join as a Free Agent. You can list yourself as a free agent in as many divisions within a league as you'd like. Once joined you will be visible to all the members of the site. 
  2. Participants may enter the players’ pool where they wish to play on a team in a higher division than that entered by his/her college or faculty. 
  3. Any individual wishing to participate in Mixed activities who does not belong to a competing unit, can register at the Intramural Office. 
  4. The same rules regarding eligibility and conduct apply to members of a player’s pool team. 
  5. The player, once picked up, remains with that team for the year. 
Professional Players

Any professional player, regardless of whether they have been reinstated as an amateur shall be ineligible to participate in the sport in which he/she participated professionally. For purposes of this section, a "professional player is one who receives any kind of payment, directly or indirectly for participation except as permitted by governing rules of Canadian Interuniversity Sport." 


To be eligible for participation in playoff competition each player must play a specific number of regular season games. A player must qualify under one of the following regulations: 

  1. A player must have signed in for their game on the game sheet for at least one-third of the regular league schedule where the schedule consists of more than six games (the minimum acceptable is three games) and for at least one-half where the schedule consists of six games or less. Note: This rule does not apply to sub-goaltenders in hockey and lacrosse. In the cases of soccer and field hockey, sub-goaltenders must play in at least one regular season game to be eligible for the playoffs. In all cases, the sub-goaltender may appear in the playoffs only for the team with which he/she is registered. 
  2. A player who, through injury, does not qualify under item #1 may, on application, be made eligible through a ruling of the Intramural Office. Acceptable medical proof of injury as provided by the University Health Services must be presented to support each such application. 
Suspended Players

Individuals who have been suspended from participation in the Intramural Sports Program and who have served their suspension may appeal to the Intramural Office for consideration of waiving the playoff eligibility requirements in that Sport. 


Join Fall & Winter Intramurals

Check out the Leagues and Tournaments available for the semester. We have loads to offer for everyone! 

Connect with your College/Faculty Rep to indicate you are interested in playing.  Most College/Faculties will group students together to form teams, so don't worry if you don't have enough for that Mixed Soccer league you want to play! 

Even if you are affiliated with a college or faculty on campus you can form your own team and Register your Independent team! 

  • Independent teams are limited to participate in Divisions 3, 4, and 5 ONLY! Divisions 1 and 2 are reserved for College & Faculty teams.  
  • All U of T Intramural recognized colleges and faculties are guaranteed one team in either division 1 or division 2. 
  • Additional teams and independent teams that finished in the top 75% and were in good standing at the end of the last played season have the right to re-enter, in all sports and all divisions. 

Payment & Entries

Anyone wishing to re-enter a team or to ballot for a specific team must notify the intramural office before the entry deadline.

  • Independent teams, must notify the office by completing registration online with contact information and payment, which can be processed at the membership desks of the Athletic, Goldring and Varsity Centres. Once this is complete, proceed to IMLeagues and register your team on this platform.
  • Colleges & Faculties must complete their entries using the registration tool provided by the Intramural office. Please do not register your team on IMLeagues prior to registering and paying for your team. Failure to do so will result in the removal of your team on IMLeagues. 

Join IMLeagues

Once your rep has signed you up and assigned a captain, you will need to create a team on IMLeagues. This will allow all the players to join and fill out the roster. This is critically important, as it allows us to verify eligibility for playoffs.

Ballot Meetings

 There will be a ballot meeting where we will ballot for all sports on one evening. If your team put in a team entry form requesting to ballot for a sport, you MUST have a representative on hand at the meeting. Failure to do so will result in your team being removed from the ballot. 

Captain Meetings

Once the ballot meetings have been completed, all teams that have re-entered and successfully won the lottery to get into the league MUST attend the league's captains' meeting. At this meeting, schedules will be distributed, and rules and all pertinent league information will be discussed. Once all present teams agree on the schedule it will be posted on IMLeagues before your first games. If a team misses a Captains' Meeting and did not give written regrets to Intramural Office staff at least 24 hours prior to the meeting, the team will be subject to the following penalties: 

  • A fine of $35 . If the fine is not paid within 48 hours, the team is removed from the league. 
  • As a courtesy the Intramural Office will make every effort, where possible, to notify the reps/captains of the missed meeting. However, the onus is on the reps/captains to find this information out on their own. 
Join Summer Intramurals

Check out the Leagues and Tournaments that are currently available for the semester - we have loads to offer for everyone! 

Register your team!  All Sport & Rec Members at U of T are eligible to participate in our Summer Intramural Leagues. For participants with an active membership, there are 2 steps: 

  1. Join IMLeagues!  Your captain will need to create a team on IMLeagues.  This will allow all the players to join, and fill out the roster.  This is critically important, as it allows us to verify eligibility for playoffs, as well as lets us know who is playing in our leagues. 
  2. Captains will need to pay your default bond through the recreation portal! All teams are required to pay the refundable default bond to hold their spot. 

Participants without an active membership will need to complete a 3rd step! If you do not have an active membership through student fees or through a monthly membership, then you will need to purchase an Intramural membership for the night you are playing. You can purchase the Intramural Membership here for your sport! 

If you are a student, connect with your College/Faculty Rep to indicate you are interested in playing.  Most College/Faculties will group students together to form teams, so don't worry if you don't have enough for that Mixed Soccer league you wanted to play!  Note: Not all c/f are active in the summer and teams are responsible for individual registrations.

Wait for the season to start!  If you are the captain, then you will also be required to attend a mandatory captains meeting, which includes a ton of helpful details about what to expect for the season, the rules, and the schedule. Don't miss it! 

Note: U of T students not enrolled in the summer must still have an active membership with Sport & Rec or purchase an Intramural membership for your specific night of league play.