Governance History

Creation of Faculty Council and Council on Athletics and Recreation

The Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education (KPE) was established in January 1998 by the merger of the former School of Physical and Health Education (SPHE), the Graduate Program of Exercise Sciences (‘housed’ in Community Health) and the former Department of Athletics and Recreation. The DAR had been created in May 1977 by a merger of the formerly separate women’s and men’s athletics and recreation departments. FC is essentially a continuation of the former SPHE Council, whereas CAR is the successor to the former DAR Council.

As might be expected, the two Councils have different membership structures, schedules of business, rules of order and so on. CAR is positioned constitutionally as a Committee of FC but is autonomous in terms of budget approval, as the recommended annual operating budget is submitted to the Council on Student Services (COSS) and thence to University Affairs Board (UAB), whereas the academic budget is handled in a similar manner as other academic divisions.

On budgetary matters, FC may “Consider operational plans and budget proposals from the Council of Athletics and Recreation and comment on them to the appropriate bodies established by Governing Council (Sec. 1.10)” –-but rarely does so. On non-budget matters, FC may “Consider and act on recommendations from the Council of Athletics and Recreation concerning overall policies in athletics and recreation. In doing so, Council will act in an accept/reject/refer back mode.” (Sec. 1.09) and “accept” is the result in the vast majority of cases.