Brain Activity Study Seeking Participants



We are looking for individuals who are interested in participating in an EEG study in which brain activity during imagery and execution of different movement types is examined. Electroencephalogram or EEG is a non-invasive method for recording brain activity. The task is for participants to imagine/ execute lifting their left leg and/ or signing their name. Please note that for this experiment a water-soluble gel will be applied to your head to increase the conductivity of your brain signals. The gel can be easily rinsed off with water after data collection (shampoo and towel will be provided).


The study will be done in one session, and it will take maximally two hours of your time. The study is conducted in an in-person format. The location of the study is the Perceptual Motor Behaviour laboratory in the Athletic Center at 55 Harbord Street.


Also, there will be a financial compensation of $10 per hour of testing, 5 Dollars for completion of the study as well as a beverage drink (i.e., chocolate milk or orange juice).


The participants must:

  • Be between 18-39 years of age.
  • Be right-handed.
  • Have normal or corrected to normal vision.
  • Have normal hearing.
  • Be able to perform motor imagery.


Please email me at if you are interested and please confirm that you meet all of the above conditions in your respond.


Feel free to ask me any questions!