Drop-In Tennis


Drop-In Tennis is a great way to enjoy the outdoors with a low impact and easy-to-pick-up sport.

You could break out a head-band and classic outfit, perfect the backhand and channel your inner Bouchard or Shapovolov. Or you can just try a new sport, get used to a racquet and bash the ball back and forth with a friend for fun! 

Drop-In Tennis offers something for all interests and levels! 

  • Please note: all Drop-In schedules are subject to change. Check the program registration page via links below for the most up to date schedule and available time slots.


This program now requires registration to participate, please sign up in advance to reserve your time slot. Registration is FREE for incidental fee-paying students enrolled in winter courses at U of T.


New Tennis booking procedure, Effective february 6

Current U of T students and members may book tennis courts online at recreation.utoronto.ca. Court bookings are only available online.  Court bookings are limited to ONE per day. You may not book more than one court at the same time. 

All individuals must sign in for their court booking at the turnstiles. Please inform the staff working the desk you need to sign in for a court booking prior to scanning your card and then follow their instructions to ensure you are signed in. Starting February 6 failure to check in for a court booking will be considered a no-show. 


Athletic Centre (55 Harbord, Toronto) - Field House 2,3


Students: Current students paying incidental fees can access this programming at no additional cost. 

Members: Anyone who has a current one- or four-month membership.

Current Programming:

Schedule & Important Information

Winter 2023 Schedule: Starts January 2

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
7:00-9:55am 7:00-8:55am 7:00-9:55am 7:00-8:55am      
  10:00am-1:55pm     10:00am-2:55pm    
2:00-3:55pm   2:00-3:55pm 2:00-2:55pm   1:00-4:55pm 3:00-4:55pm

Upcoming adjustments to this drop-in schedule will be listed below:​​​​​​

  • No drop-in Tennis April 1 from 3-5 p.m.
  • No drop-in Tennis April 7 
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
7:00-9:55am 7:00am-10:55pm 7:00am-4:55pm 7:00am-10:55pm 7:00am-2:55pm    
12:00pm-4:55pm         9:00am-4:55pm 12:00pm-4:55pm
8:00pm-10:55pm   8:00pm-10:55pm   6:00pm-10:55pm    
  • Games are limited to a maximum of a 2x2
  • No playing between courts or on the sidelines
  • A single individual is responsible for booking a court and must be playing during their booking. An additional 3 individuals may accompany them for the booking slot.
  • Players may only book one court at a time for a maximum of 1 bookings per day as of February 6
  • Bags and backpacks are not allowed in the Field House. Only single racquet cases or string bags are allowed. 
  • Players should only enter the gym shortly before their scheduled booking
  • Please review the Athletic Centre Field House Rights and Responsibilities before participating in drop-in programs
  • If you do not arrive by 15 minutes after your booking starts, the spot may be given away
  • Participants are asked to wear comfortable and appropriate athletic attire while joining in drop-in activities. Athletic shoes with non-marking soles are required in all drop-in activity areas
  • Closed-toed, activity-appropriate footwear is required. Please make sure shoes are free of debris before entering the facility
  • Socks, barefoot and back-less shoes will not be allowed at anytime
  • A shirt is required during all drop-in activities
  • Jeans and dress pants are not permitted
  • Cleats, socks or barefoot is not permitted on back campus field
  • Sport & Rec staff has final say in determining appropriate clothing

Racquet Rentals

  • Tennis racquets will be available to rent for $2.00 + HST from the Athletic Centre equipment counter - but purchased from the Main Office. 
  • Individuals are limited to 2 racquet rentals at once and must be rented just before your booking, used during your booking in our facility, and returned immediately afterwards