Leagues & Tournaments


Flag Football, Ice Hockey, Soccer, Ultimate Thursday September 9 @ 12pm Thursday September 16 @ 12pm
Badminton, Basketball, Dodgeball, Table Tennis, Tennis, Volleyball Thursday September 9 @ 12pm Thursday September 23 @ 12pm
*See sport calendar below for full league details    


League Updates

Once you have registered in IM Leagues as an independent team, you will be required to register on recreation.utoronto.ca as well. To do so, you will need to search the recreation site for your intramural sport, log in, register and pay your fee. This will be required for a full registration. You are encouraged to register your team early, as this process will take an additional step, and must be completed before all set deadlines.

During Intramural activity this fall, masks will not be required on the field of play during any indoor or outdoor intramural sport offering. University protocols for entering the spaces and being on campus will be followed at all times when not on the field of play. This will include social distancing and masking while on the bench, or while in attendance to spectate an event. Please note that these procedures are subject to change without notice, and we will do our best to update our protocols to ensure our students are safe, and have the best possible experience in our programs. Hand sanitizer and spray for equipment will be provided for all IM activity on site. Masks are to be worn up until competition, at which time the mask may be removed. Once the competition is finished, the mask will be required again. 



Co-ed Div 1 & 2

Fri 6pm -10pm Oct 1 @ 7pm Upper Gym

Co-ed Div 1, 2, & 3

Open Div 1, 2, 3, & 4

Women's Div 1 & 2

Co-ed: Mon 7pm -10pm

Open 1 & 2: Tue 7pm -10pm

Open 3 & 4: Wed 7pm -10pm

Women's: Thu 7pm -10pm

Co-ed: Sept 27 @ 8:10pm FH* 1

Open: Sept 27 @ 9:10pm FH 1

Women's: Sept 27 @ 7:10pm FH 1



Dodgeball Co-ed Div 1 & 2 Thu 7pm -10pm Sept 29 @ 9:10pm FH1
Flag Football Open Div 1 Sun 1:15pm - 5:15pm Sept 21 @8:10pm UG*
Ice Hockey

Co-ed Div 1

Open Div 1, 2, & 3

Co-ed: Mon 8pm -10pm

Open Div 1:Thu 8pm -10pm 

Open Div 2: Wed 8pm -10pm & Thu 7pm -10pm

Open Div 3: Fri 6pm - 10pm & Sun 7pm - 10pm

Sept 21 @ 9:10pm UG




Co-ed Div 1 & 2

Open Div 1,2, 3, 4, 5

Women's Div 1 & 2



Co-ed: Mon 6:45pm - 9:45pm

Open Div 1: Mon 5pm - 9:45pm

Open Div 2: Tue 5pm - 9:45pm

Open Div 3: Fri 6:30pm - 9:45pm

Open Div 4: Sun 5pm - 8:45pm

Open Div 5: Thu 5pm

Women's Div 1: Wed 8:30pm - 9:45pm

Women's Div 2: Wed 5pm - 9:45pm


Co-ed: Sept 22 @ 8:10pm FH 1

Open: Sept 22 @ 9:10pm FH 1

Women's: Sept 22 @ 7:10pm FH 1



Table Tennis Co-ed Div 1 & 2 Fri 5pm -9pm Oct 1 @ 6:10pm UG
Tennis Co-ed Div 1 & 2

Co-ed Div 1: Tue 7pm - 8pm

Co-ed Div 2: Fri 7pm -10pm

Sept 29 @ 8:10pm FH 1

Ultimate Co-ed Div 1, 2, &3

Co-ed Div 1: Sat 9am -1pm

Co-ed Div 2: Sat 10am - 6pm

Co-ed Div 3: Sat 12pm - 8pm

Sept 21 @ 7:10pm UG


Co-ed Div 1, 2, 3, 4,

Open Div 1 & 2

Women's Div 1 & 2

Coed Div 1 & 3: Wed 7pm - 10pm

Co-ed Div 2 & 4: Mon 7pm - 10pm

Open 1 & 2: Thu 7pm - 10pm

Women's 1 & 2: Tue 7pm - 10pm

Co-ed: Sept 28 @ 8:10pm UG

Open: Sept 28 @ 9:10pm UG

Women's: Sept 28 @ 7:10pm UG

*FH=Field House

*UG=Upper Gym

Most sports in the men’s and women’s programs offer a choice of skill levels of play. Where multiple divisions are offered, Division 1 is the highest level of play available. These participants must be prepared for a higher quality of competition. Division 2 is a lower level of play, specifically dedicated to college and faculty associated teams. As each sport is offered at multiple times, teams must be flexible in their availability to compete. Lower divisions provide opportunities for participants with some or no experience in the game, as well as teams who do not have a college/faculty affiliation. Beginners may learn from coaches, team mates, or clinics. In coed and open activities, modified playing rules have been developed to accommodate equitable participation for any interested individual.

Full league details can be found below.


How to register

If you are registering to play as part of a college or faculty you must connect with your intramural sport council rep for your respective college or faculty. A list can be found below. Students from every college and faculty are welcome!

Architecture-Daniels Haseena Doost haseena.doost@mail.utoronto.ca
Chestnut VACANT  



Darrien Lui d.lui@mail.utoronto.ca
David Delazzari david.delazzari@mail.utoronto.ca




Hanna Sigurdson womens@eaa.skule.ca
Ian Kunka mens@eaa.skule.ca
Oyku Ugur coed@eaa.skule.ca
Forestry VACANT  
Grad House Matthew Metacalfe matthew.metcalfe@utoronto.ca
Graduate Studies (SGS) Stephanie Schneider steph.schneider@mail.utoronto.ca
Innis Vismay Buch athletics.icss@gmail.com





Rebekah Choi rebekah.choi@mail.utoronto.ca
Sean Reodica sean.reodica@mail.utoronto.ca
Andrei Uzumtoma andrei.uzumtoma@utoronto.ca
Amy Suhanic amy.suhanic@mail.utoronto.ca




Kim Gubbels




Manak Mann
Joey Galinsky
Massey VACANT  
Medicine Mackenzie Ferguson mackenzie.ferguson@mail.utoronto.ca




Sky Shi (MGA) shi.yangtianjiao@mail.utoronto.ca
Melanie Sarmiento (MGA) melanie.sarmientobravo@mail.utoronto.ca
Sean Cameron (MPP) seanm.cameron@mail.utoronto.ca
Music Lara Moshaver vpstudentlife@fmua.ca





New College

Lara Delfin lara.delfin@mail.utoronto.ca
Tiffany Chan tiffchan.chan@utoronto.ca
Tommy Gweon tommy.gweon@mail.utoronto.ca
Morgan Garland morgan.garland@mail.utoronto.ca
General Email athletics@ncsc.ca
Nursing Gautham Rejendra gautham.rajendra@mail.utoronto.ca



Cindy Tran cindyy.tran@mail.utoronto.ca
Jonathan Platt jonathan.platt@mail.utoronto.ca


PT/OT (Rehab)

Jessie Young (PT) jessicahaley.young@mail.utoronto.ca

Lulu Wang (OT) 

Nicoya Martins (OT)

Alyssa Stowe (SLP)





Rotman Commerce

Miti Adhvaryu miti.adhvaryu@mail.utoronto.ca
Shivika Agarwal shivika.agarwal@mail.utoronto.ca



Rotman MBA

Andre De Faria Ferraz Pereira andre.ferrazpereira@rotman.utoronto.ca
Pranav Chadha pranav.chadha@rotman.utoronto.ca
Nishant Agarwal nishant.agarwal@rotman.utoronto.ca
Trinity Serena Perera serena.perera@mail.utoronto.ca



University College

Hannah Roberts


Jesse McDougall jessie.mcdougall@mail.utoronto.ca
Aws Mustafa aws.mustafa@mail.utoronto.ca
University of St. Michael's College Giovanna Macedo athletic.smcsu@gmail.com



Sonia Carreiro sonia.rocha@utoronto.ca
Ashley McKay ashley.beckles@utoronto.ca




Justina Yeung president.athletics@gmail.com
Zeeshaun Ahmad mensrep.athletics@gmail.com
Esma Botaz womensrep.scaa@gmail.com
Victoria Sasha Arnett s.arnett@mail.utoronto.ca
Woodsworth Jessica Underwood vp.athletics@mywcsa.com
Wycliffe VACANT  


For independent registrations in all sports, the following process will occur: 

Online Payments:

  1. Register your team on IM Leagues.  This is the primary registration tool, and how we determine league sizes.

  2. Once registered on IM Leagues, go to recreation.utoronto.ca.
  3. From the Recreation.utoronto.ca main page, click on the menu on the left side and select “campus rec and Intramurals”.
  4. Find your intramural sport program from the list of available programs.  Alternatively, you can find the program by searching for it in the top search bar.  
  5. Click the name of your program.  A list of available offerings will appear, and you will be able to select the correct day and skill level from this menu.  NOTE:  You will need to sign with your UTORID  before being able to register and complete payment. 
  6. Once you have selected your day and skill level, click “register”.  This will take you to the checkout page.
  7. From your checkout page, you will be sent to the 3rd party payment service to complete the credit transaction.  Ensure you wait for the confirmation page before closing!

Both payment and IMLeagues set up must be complete to reserve your spot in a league. Check out our quick guide to creating an account on IMLeagues. 

We recommend turning on email notifications from IMLeagues for the season to get updates on scheduling changes, registration deadlines, playoff brackets and more.
Questions? Send us an e-mail at intramurals@utoronto.ca 



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