Drop-In Vogue Dance

Tell your story through the legendary movement of vogueing.

In these beginner friendly classes you will learn and practice the five elements of vogue dance each drop-in session - cat walk, duck-walk, hand performance, floor performance, and spins and dips.

Feel the beat, werq the runway, and drop with ferocity - 10s! 10s! 10s! across the board! 

Program runs January 10th to April 3.

NOTE: No registration required. 


Goldring Centre for High Performance Sport (100 Devonshire Place, Toronto)  - Fitness Studio


This program is open to all incidental-fee paying students and community members. 

Schedule & Important Information

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
    5-6 p.m.      
  • Participants are asked to wear comfortable and appropriate attire and footwear that are suitable for fitness and gym activities