What you need to know about joining Intramurals:

  1. Check out the Leagues and Tournaments that are available for the semester - we have loads to offer for everyone!
  2. Connect with your College/Faculty Rep to indicate you are interested in playing.  Most College/Faculties will group students together to form teams, so don't worry if you don't have enough for that Co-Ed Soccer league you wanted to play!
  3. Join IMLeagues Once your rep has signed you up and assigned a captain, you will need to create a team on IMLeagues.  This will allow all the players to join, and fill out the roster.  This is critically important, as it allows us to verify eligibility for playoffs, as well as lets us know who is playing in our leagues for contact tracing as required.  
  4. Wait for the season to start!  If you are the captain, then you will also be required to attend a mandatory captains meeting, which includes a ton of helpful details about what to expect for the season, the rules, and the schedule. Don't miss it!
  5. HAVE FUN!

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Every year, the Intramural office hosts an annual Intramural Championship Design Contest!  We call on all students to get the creativity flowing, and have your design featured by every intramural champion for the upcoming season.  Designs are typically due in March of each year to be put into production for the following year. 

Good luck to all entrants!  Finalist designs will be selected by staff and posted on social media for a student vote on the winning design.  

If you'd like a head start, Designs must:

- not alter the colour, text, or spacing of the logo used

- not have artwork touch the logo - meaning any design needs to use the logo independently, and design around it.

- use no more than 2 colours, not counting the logo used. 

The following logos are eligible to be used: 



Commitment to Equity and Accessibility

The University of Toronto Intramurals program along with the Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical Education strives to create and maintain a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for all students and members in all our facilities - one that is aligned with University policies, guidelines and statements on equity, diversity and excellence.

To this end, the faculty has made a systemic commitment to equity through a variety of targeted strategies and initiatives. We work closely with the University's equity officers at the Accessibility, Sexual and Gender Diversity, and Anti-Racism and Cultural Diversity offices to design and develop initiatives to improve accessibility, sexual and gender diversity, as well as anti-racism and cultural diversity.

Mission Statement

A student and staff partnership leading the way in providing opportunities for fun, fair play and development for all.

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