Recreational Workouts & Activities

Learn about Recreational Workouts & Activities

Check out our variety of activities and programs where you can drop in at the scheduled time. Whether you are a die-hard group fitness aficionado or want to try something new, these classes and activities are a great, low-commitment way to integrate movement into every day and with all these options, you can try something new every day!

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Drop-in Sports & Activities

Prefer to play sports or your favourite activity? Grab your friends or a team to play from our list of available sports this semester! 

Group Fitness Workouts & Dance

Do you like the energy of a group workout and sweating, dancing or flowing with others? We have a variety of group fitness classes for you to join!

Open Gym Workouts

Get strong at the gym with independent training or group fitness workouts centered around strength & conditioning. Our expert trainers and staff will make sure you are supported at whatever level you are at.

Learn more about Drop-in Sports & Activities

Learn more about Group Fitness Workouts & Dance

Learn more about Open Gym Workouts