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Sport & Rec offers programs for the entire University of Toronto community. Our dynamic range of programs will help you get active in whatever way works best for you, no matter your skill level or history of participation.

We are pleased to provide programs that engage a range of interests and abilities. Physical activity has huge benefits for mental and physical health and academic performance, so we're all about helping you get active, no matter your skill level or history of participation!

We look forward to welcoming our clients back and offering our full programs again.

Fitness & Recreation:

MUHU - Yoga - 500x500


Online programs only

No exercise experience?

No problem!


Programs and events include:

•  MoveU HappyU

•  Scary Skate

• Virtual Movement Breaks

• So much more!


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Drop-In - Soccer - U of T

Registered Drop-In

Select programs available

Your favourite activities without the commitment!


Registered Drop-In includes:

•  Swimming

• Badminton

• Table Tennis

• A whole lot more!


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Equity and Diversity - U of T

Diversity Moves Us

Online programs only

Activate equity in a fun and meaningful way!


Events and initiatives include:

•  Weekly Vogue Dance classes

•  Trans-Positive Swim times

• Women Only hours

• A whole lot more!


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Fitness and Performance - U of T

Fitness & Performance

Indoor and outdoor programs available

Trying to push yourself?

  Let us help!


Programs include:

• Online workouts

•  Fitness classes

• Personal training

• Tons more!


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SPORTS & Clubs:

U of T - Intramurals - Badminton


Coming Fall 2021

Meet new friends and play your favourite sports - no matter your skill level!


Available activites include:

•  E-Sports

•  Badminton

• Dodgeball

• Spike Ball

• So much more!


Explore Intramurals @ U of T

Tri-Campus League - U of T

Tri-Campus Athletics

Stay tuned for more information on availability for Fall 2021

A heightened level of competition, without the time commitment of a varsity athletic program.



Sports include:

•  Basketball

•  Soccer

•  Hockey

•  Flag Football

• Lots more!


Learn about Tri-Campus Leagues

Competitive Clubs - U of T

Club Sports @ KPE

Currently offered online

A number of opportunities to participate in a competitive club environment.



Club Sports include:

•  Synchro Swim

•  Dance

•  Karate

•  Kendo

• Lots more!


Learn about Club Sports @ KPE

Varsity Blues - U of T

Varsity Blues

Coming Fall 2021

From National Champions to Olympians, our varsity athletics program houses the university's top athletes.


Programs include:

•  Football

•  Hockey

•  Volleyball

• Lots more!


Learn about the Varsity Blues