Concussion Research Program

The University of Toronto (Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education) was one of the first – initiated in 1999 - comprehensive programs in the country dedicated to concussions among student athletes. By drawing on the resources and research excellence at the University of Toronto as well as the rich athletic tradition, our program is made up of researchers and clinicians with a unique expertise on concussion and athletics.

The KPE Faculty Council endorsed the establishment of The Centre for Sport-Related Concussion Research, Innovation and Knowledge as a new Extra-Departmental Unit (Level D) on April 9, 2021, with the appointment of Associate Professor Michael Hutchison as director. 

We have three distinct components working in conjunction with each other to be the leaders in concussion prevention, management, and education.

Our research environment allows us to identify potential prevention strategies as well as advance our understanding of concussion to help us better treat and manage the injury.

We have a number of education initiatives for students, athletes, parents, coaches, healthcare providers, and administrators to help prevent, recognize, and manage concussions. The David L. MacIntosh Sport Medicine Clinic provides access and care from the leaders in sport medicine, with specific expertise of concussion.

Current Projects

Stress Markers in Concussed Athletes

Concussion in Dancers

Guidelines for return to synchronized swimming

Underreporting of concussion injuries

Concussion and support

Risk Factors

Emotional Factors and Sport Concussion

Psychological Sequelae of Injury

Scientific Team


Lynda Mainwaring, Doug Richards, Michael Hutchison

Graduate Students

Laura McClemont, MSc., PhD candidate

Ryan MacDonald, MSc. candidate

Sandhya Mylabathula, MSc., PhD candidate

Kaleigh Ferdinand Pennock, MSc., PhD candidate

Graham Tebbit, MSc candidate

Ben Alavie, MSc candidate

Braeden McKenzie, MSc candidate

Former students

Jonathan Chan, MSc.

Arrani Senthinathan, MSc.

Michael Hutchison, Ph.D.

Nick Snow, MSc.

Christine Provvidenza, MSc.

Elizabeth Vittulo, PhD.

Enid Headley, MSc.

Elizabeth Byrne, MSc.

Vicki Kristman, PhD.

Selected Publications

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