BKin Course Enrolment and Registration

Enrolment and Registration Resources

Please review the registration handbooks, timetables and information below for details about course enrolment and registration.

2024 Summer

2023-24 Fall and Winter 

  • The 2023-2024 Academic Calendar will be available on the Academic Calendar webpage.

  • Links to academic timetables are available on the Timetables webpage.

  • Search for an appropriate other division elective using Timetable Builder.
    See p. 15 in the 2023-24 Fall and Winter Registration Guide for more information.
    See How to User Timetable Builder

  • KPE is offering new courses in the 2023-2024 academic session. 
    KPE255H1S Future Workplace Trends and Preparation 
    ▫ KPE310H1S Sport and Climate Change
    ▫ KPE319H1F Special Topics: Sport Media and Culture
    ▫ KPE336H1F Outdoor Physical Activity and Recreation
    ▫ KPE416H1F Sport in Films
    ▫ KPE436H1S Outdoor Education and Environmental Stewardship
    ▫ KPE439H1F Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Kinesiology
    ▫ KPE418H1S Criminology of Sport and Games

  • Course code change: KPE290H1 is now KPE391H1 Research Design and Evaluation: Qualitative Approaches. 
    See p. 13 in the 2023-24 Fall and Winter Registration Guide for more information.

  • In-person ODP courses (ODP100H1, ODP200H1, and ODP300H1) are scheduled for late August and early September 2023. 
    See the ODP Enrolment section (p.14) in the 2023-24 Fall and Winter Registration Guide and the Sessional Dates - 2023-24 Fall and Winter for more information.

  • KPE is offering five new certificates in addition to the Certificate in Global Kinesiology & Physical Education and the Certificate in Physical Activity Instruction.
    These are:
    ▫ Certificate in Clinical Movement Sciences
    ▫ Certificate in Foundational Sciences and Research
    ▫ Certificate in Mental Health and Physical Activity
    ▫ Certificate in Social and Environmental Justice
    ▫ Certificate in Sport Sciences
    Check out the KPE Academic Calendar and p. 14 in the 2023-24 Fall and Winter Registration Guide for more detail.

  • New Tri-Campus Minor in Global Leadership program has launched. See detail about the program on the KPE website.

  • In-person learning
    The University of Toronto delivers academic programs through an in-person learning environment. All students should therefore plan to attend on-campus activities in-person in order to successfully complete their program/ degree unless: (i) students have been approved by the University to participate in off-campus activities (such as study abroad or work terms), or (ii) the calendar entry for a program/degree explicitly states that no in-person activities are required. While the University strives to maintain an in-person learning environment, the University reserves the right to alter the manner in which it delivers its courses and co-curricular opportunities in response to health and safety emergencies and public health guidance.

Enrolment and Registration Basics

A summary of basic enrolment and registration information is provided below. Refer to the full 2023-24 Fall and Winter Registration Guide for detailed course enrolment and registration procedures.


The first day for all undergraduate students to enrol in KPE courses is July 11, 2023 at 6 a.m. (EDT).

  • Enrol in courses via ACORN system.
  • Please visit the Timetables webpage for course offering information. 


The first day for KPE undergraduate students to enrol in St. George Campus Arts & Science courses on ACORN is August 2, 2023 at 6 a.m. (EDT).

For more information about course registration and timetables, please visit the Arts & Science website.


Information about courses offered at UTSC is available on the UTSC website.

Course enrolment for unrestricted UTSC academic courses will begin on ACORN starting August 4, 2023 at 6 a.m. (EDT). Some UTSC courses may be open for early registration, so try to add them before the published registration dates. 


Information about courses offered at UTM is available on the UTM website.

Course enrolment for unrestricted UTM courses will begin on ACORN starting August 4, 2023 at 6 a.m. (EDT).



For the 2023-24 session, you will be assigned full time status by default. Full-time status is defined as enrolment in 3.0 – 6.0 Full Credit Equivalents (FCEs).


You may request to change to part-time status if your course load on ACORN is 2.5 FCEs or less

To request a change to part time status for the academic year:

  1. Email undergrad.kpe@utoronto.ca
  2. Ensure that you include your full name, student number and your request to move to part time status for the 2023-22 academic year.


  • Full-time students can be enrolled in a maximum of 6.0 FCEs. Of these 6.0 FCEs a maximum of 2.0 FCEs may be waitlisted courses.
  • Part-time students can be enrolled in a maximum of 2.5 FCEs. Of these 2.5 FCEs a maximum of 2.0 FCEs may be waitlisted courses.


You may enrol and/or waitlist in a maximum of seven (7) academic courses per term within the limits noted above. Term overloads above seven (7) courses may be requested by petition but are highly discouraged. 


If you wish to enrol in more than 6.0 FCEs for the 2023-24 session you must petition for permission to enrol in a course overload. You must have a GPA of 2.7 or higher in the preceding year to be considered for an overload.

Petition forms are available on the Petitions webpage.

Tuition Fees


Tuition fee charges depend on a student’s course enrolments as of the published fee capture dates.

  • By default all students will be set to full time program fee tuition charges for 2023-24 academic session. 
  • Students who are enrolled in 3.5 credits or less as of the fee capture dates may request to pay tuition fees on a per course basis

Visit the KPE Fees and Awards webpage for full details about capture dates and tuition fee charges. 


You can view and print a tuition fee invoice on ACORN in mid-July.


You must pay or defer your fees by the deadline, or you will be removed from courses on ACORN
The deadline to make the Minimum Require Payment for Registration OR defer fees if you are receiving OSAP is August 30, 2023. 


Students who are approved for OSAP or other provincial government funding may request a temporary tuition fee deferral, which allows them to be fully registered in their courses while delaying the minimum payment deadline until the end of September.

To defer your tuition fees:

  • Login to ACORN
  • Click on Tuition Fee Deferral and follow the instructions.


The refund deadline for courses and term withdrawal is much earlier than the published drop deadlines.

Refund amounts will be based on your course load as of the fee capture dates and the date you cancel (drop) your course on ACORN. Visit the Student Accounts website for full details about refund deadlines and procedures. 


OSAP funding is available to you if:

  • You are a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or protected person.
  • You have financial need.
  • You are registered in an eligible program with a full-time course load in each term. (You cannot average the course load over 2 terms).

Early OSAP applications are necessary to be eligible for tuition fee deferrals.
Returning students should apply for OSAP by the end of May. New students should apply by mid-June. 
OSAP’s application is available online at OSAP website.
For detailed information about applying for OSAP visit the Enrolment Services website.


ODP registration takes place via the ACORN system. Please refer to the Registration Information website for more information about enrolment dates and timetables. 

ODP schedule

Fees for the Outdoor Projects will be charged to your tuition invoice as ancillary fees. Once you add an ODP course to your timetable the fee will appear as follows. The deadline to pay these fees will align with tuition fee payment deadlines and procedures.

  • ODP100H1 
    ▫ ODP100H1 PRA 0101: Thurs, Aug 31 – Sat, Sept 2, 2023
    ▫ ODP100H1 PRA 0102: Sat, Sept 2 – Mon, Sept 4, 2023
  • ODP200H1: Mon, Aug 28 - Thurs, Aug 31, 2023
  • ODP300H1: Fri, Sept 8 - Sun, Sept 10, 2023
  • ODP301H1: Early May 2023 (TBA)
  • ODP302H1: Late January 2023 or early February 2023 (TBA)


Students will receive an email prior to the start of the Outdoor Project requesting completion of an online survey on the ODP Quercus website. Be prepared to provide relevant medical information, dietary restrictions, and emergency contact information prior the deadline noted in the email.


Outdoor project course outlines including camp descriptions, clothing and equipment lists will be available on the ODP Quercus website prior to departure.


ODP course enrolments must be cancelled on ACORN by the published ancillary fee refund deadline for a full refund. Refer to the Student Accounts website for published refund deadlines. Students wishing to cancel their ODP after these deadlines should contact undergrad.kpe@utoronto.ca for assistance. 

KPE290H1 is no longer offered. The course code of Research Design and Evaluation: Qualitative Approaches (formerly KPE290H1) has been changed to KPE391H1. 

Former Course Last Offering Replacement
KPE290H1 Research Design and Evaluation: Qua Winter 2023     KPE391H1 Research Design and Evaluation: Qualitative Approaches

KPE391H1 is a required course, therefore students who have not completed KPE290H1 are required to complete KPE391H1 to fulfill the program requirement.

Please review Degree Explorer for information about your program of study and degree completion progress. Students admitted in 2022 or later can enroll in KPE391H1 in their second year or third year as they desire. 

If you need assistance with course enrolment planning, KPE Student Advisors are available to meet with you. You can book an appointment with a Student Advisor via the online Academic Advising Appointment booking site. If you have questions or need assistance with booking an appointment, contact the KPE Office of the Registrar and Student Services at undergrad.kpe@toronto.ca or 416-978-8255.

KPE is now offering seven certificates including the five new certificates launching in 2023-2024 academic session. 
A course can only count towards one BKin certificate and a maximum of 3 certificates are allowed. Certificates are to be completed in conjunction with the BKin degree.
Please check out the KPE Academic Calendar for details.

  • Certificate in Clinical Movement Sciences (NEW)
  • Certificate in Foundational Sciences and Research (NEW)
  • Certificate in Global Kinesiology and Physical Education (U of T Global Scholar)
  • Certificate in Mental Health and Physical Activity (NEW)
  • Certificate in Physical Activity Instruction
  • Certificate in Social and Environmental Justice (NEW)
  • Certificate in Sport Sciences (NEW)

Please contact the Office of the Registrar and Student Services for further information: undergrad.kpe@utoronto.ca

The University of Toronto Interprofessional Education (IPE) curriculum is focused on the development of specific values and core competencies across eleven health professional programs (dentistry, medical radiation sciences, medicine, nursing, occupational therapy, pharmacy, kinesiology and physical education, physician assistant, physical therapy, social work and speech-language pathology). The knowledge, skills/behaviours and attitudes developed through the IPE curriculum enable students to provide collaborative relational-centred care in an interprofessional context.

Students who entered the BKIN and BPHE degree programs in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 must successfully complete the IPE curriculum, which includes attendance in two (2) learning activities from a wide range of options available in students' third and fourth years.

IPE Program of Study Requirements

1) PRA600H1 Teamwork: Your Future in Healthcare or PRA602H1 (IPE elective of choice)
2) PRA601H1 IPE elective of choice
It is highly recommend that graduating students complete their IPE requirements by the fall term of their graduating year and by the end of February at the latest.

PRA600H1 - Teamwork: Your Future in Healthcare

KPE undergraduate students may attend this introductory learning activity which powerfully brings together the entire cohort of health science students in striking Convocation Hall. As a part of the activity, Faculty members demonstrate different ways in which healthcare teams can deliver interprofessional care. Students also hear the account of a patient/client’s journey through the healthcare system, giving them the opportunity to reflect on the healthcare profession they have chosen, as well as how they can be vital members of an interprofessional team.

Registration: Sign up for the activity on the IPE website
Conflicts: Students who have a direct course conflict with this session should either delay PRA600H1 or complete a second IPE elective (PRA602H1) to replace PRA600H1.

PRA601H1/PRA602H1 - Interprofessional Education Elective

In third and/or fourth year KPE undergraduate students are required to complete at least one IPE elective activity of their choice, or two IPE electives if they do not attend PRA600H1. Options may include but are not limited to the following activities: Conflict in Interprofessional Life, Eating Disorders, Dying and Death, Traumatic Brain Injury, etc.KPE undergraduate students who are eligible to attend IPE electives will be added to the IPE group on Portal in September and will receive weekly email messages about elective options and registration procedures. A schedule of IPE electives is also available on the IPE Learning Activities Calendar website.

Registration and Attendance Tracking

Registration for all IPE activities takes place via the IPE Learning Activities Calendar website. Please follow the RSVP instructions provided with the activity description. Attendance for these activities is tracked by the activity provider.

How do I sign up?

1) Review the IPE Learning Actvities Calendar on the IPE Website
2) Login using your UTORid
3) Follow the registration deadlines and instructions published in the activity description
4) Registration closes 48 hours prior to the activity

How do I withdraw from an elective activity?
To request a withdrawal from an activity ensure you deregister using the IPE registration website.

How do I ensure my attendance has been tracked?
Visit the IPE attendance tracking website and login with your UTORid and password. Please allow 6 weeks for your elective to be posted before contacting ipe.utoronto@utoronto.ca with questions.

Centre for Interprofessional Education

For more information about IPE at the University of Toronto please visit the Centre for Interprofessional Education website.