Timetables for courses offered by the Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education and other divisions at the University of Toronto are listed below. Course descriptions and policy information about KPE course prerequisites, exclusions, course overloads, and extra courses is available in the KPE Undergraduate Program Calendar.

The Faculty will ensure that all KPE courses have a remote option available, as needed, for students. For international students and students with approved accommodation requests who may be unable to attend required synchronous and/or in-person sessions, individual accommodations will be provided. The majority of synchronous courses will also include asynchronous components, in addition to required readings, assignments and assessments. 

Academic Timetables

Outdoor Project Course TimetablE

  • TBD 

Course Conflicts

It is strongly recommended that students not enrol in courses with conflicting meeting times as, in accordance with standard University practice, such students receive no special consideration with respect to tests, examinations or mandatory attendance sessions that conflict, or with respect to information conveyed in classes not attended.