Course Calendars


This calendar contains the program of study for the Bachelor of Kinesiology (BKin) degree program for students admitted in 2017. It also contains brief course descriptions and full academic policies for all students.


Programs of Study

KPE undergraduate students must complete the program of study degree requirements for their year of admittance to the Faculty. Please refer to the appropriate Undergraduate Program Calendar below for your program of study. Students are strongly advised to conduct a degree audit annually with the KPE undergraduate program administrative staff.

Degree Explorer

KPE undergraduate students admitted in 2007 and subsequent years can use Degree Explorer to view their program of study, track degree progress and plan future enrolments. Degree requirement checklists are available below for students admitted prior to 2007.

CPR and SFA Requirements

All students are required to obtain certification in minimum Standard First Aid (SFA) and Basic Rescuer Level C (CPR) as a requirement for their undergraduate degree. The Faculty will only accept certifications recognized by both the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board and the Heart and Stroke Foundation. This requirement is listed as PAO900H1 on ACORN and Degree Explorer.

Program Calendar Library

Undergraduate Program Calendar 2016-17 (revision coming soon)

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Undergraduate Program Calendar 2015-16 (revision coming soon)

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