Student Support Services


The Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education offers a wide range of student support services to help you make the most of your university experience - inside and outside the classroom. Key supports are listed below.

Academic advising is delivered by KPE's Student Advisor via in-person, phone or virtual with one-on-one private academic advising appointments and group sessions. Review the information below for details about these support services. 

One-on-one Appointments

Academic advising is your opportunity to explore your personal strengths and dreams in a supportive environment to assist you with personal goal setting and decision making. Appointments are also recommended if you experience any challenges during your time at U of T (and if you just need someone to talk to).

30-minute advising appointments are available via phone, virtual and in-person Tuesday to Friday 9:30am - 4:30pm

If you have questions or need assistance with booking an appointment, contact the KPE Office of the Registrar and Student Services at or 416-978-8255.

Your Academic Advisor: Darryl McSherry (he/him)

Darryl has worked at the Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education for over 25 years in a variety of roles and as of November 1, 2014 holds the position of Student Advisor in the Office of the Registrar. Darryl has extensive knowledge of the policy, programs and services of the Faculty and the University. Appointments with Darryl focus on your strengths, goals and priorities so you can make the most of your time at U of T.  Darryl completed a B.A. degree in Geography and History at the University of Toronto and a B.Ed. at the University of Western Ontario. Darryl has also completed a course in Appreciative Advising with Florida Atlantic University. ​​​​​Beyond the U of T campus, Darryl enjoys cooking, gardening, outdoor activities, music, gaming and spending time with family and friends.

Your Academic Advisor: Feyisami adara (they/HE)

Feyisami recently joined the Faculty in the role of the Equity Engagement and Student Advisor. They hold a BA in Equity Studies and Sexual Diversity Studies from the University of Toronto. Appointments with Feyi focus on identifying your strengths and applying it to challenges, developing decision making strategies, and helping you thrive throughout your University career. Outside of work, they enjoy cooking, listening to music and watching a lot of television.

Group Advising

Group advising is your opportunity to explore a topic of interest with KPE's Student Advisor and a group of peers. Group advising sessions will usually start with a brief presentation by the Student Advisor followed by a Q&A session and group discussion. Register for these upcoming Group Advising Sessions:

Examples of past sessions are listed below - click links to view past presentations.

KPE in partnership with the Centre for Learning Strategy Support offers a series of online workshops and virtual one-on-one academic success advising appointments with a Learning Strategist to support KPE undergraduate students' academic success goals.


The University Prep Micro-Course offers three 90-minute virtual modules covering key university preparation topics. Visit the University Prep Micro-Course on Quercus and enroll in the section you wish to attend using your UTORid and password.

Learning Strategy Toolkit

This self-directed website will help you reflect on your learning, learning about disability-specific learning strategies, and access resources to facilitate effective skill development practice. Access the Learning Strategy Toolkit.


Virtual & in-person Learning Strategist appointments are recommended for students who wish to achieve academic success in their university studies and improve their grades, learning skills and study habits.

During these appointments, students will be provided with a space to meet individually with a learning strategist to discuss their learning goals and needs either virtually or in-person. We offer an inclusive, engaging, and supportive environment for UofT students to excel in their academic pursuits while being provided with customized learning support.

Sessions are usually 50 minutes in length. We begin by reviewing your academic goals and what you are hoping to accomplish in the session. Then we’ll work collaboratively to provide you with customized, practical learning strategies that cater to your learning needs.

Students can book an appointment with the KPE Learning Strategist by clicking on this link to book an appointment directly with Vyshali Murukaiyah.   Please visit the Centre for Learning Strategy Support website for more information.

Your Learning Strategist: Vyshali Murukaiyah (SHE/HER)

Vyshali is the Learning Strategist with the Centre for Learning Strategy Support and the Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education for the Winter 2024 session.  In her role, she provides advanced academic and learning skills counselling and advises students on the development of their educational plans. Vyshali completed her Master of Adult Education at OISE and her undergraduate degree at U of T in Life Sciences. 

Know How 2 Academic Success Workshops for First-year and Second-year KPE Students 

This series provides a space for interacting with your peers in an inclusive and engaging environment while obtaining the academic skills to excel in your second year.
By attending this workshop series (minimum 3 out of 4 sessions), you will receive a notation on your Co-Curricular Record (CCR).



Registration coming soon


Registration coming soon

Time Management and Scheduling in Your First Year

First year: TBD

Time Management and Scheduling in Your Second Year

Second year: TBD

Effective Study Strategies for Anatomy (ANA126Y)

First year: TBD

Effective Study Strategies for Research Design & Methods: Quantitative Approaches (KPE291H)

Second year: TBD

Effective Learning Strategies for Inquiry in Kinesiology and Physical Education (KPE190H)

First year: TBD

Effective Study Strategies for Human Physiology (KPE260H)

Second year: TBD

Developing & Maintaining a Study Routine

First year: TBD

Developing & Maintaining a Study Routine

Second year: TBD

The Centre for Learning Strategy Support

The Centre for Learning Strategy Support is dedicated to making sure students achieve their highest possible learning potential. All KPE undergraduate students have access to their services and programs. Please visit the Centre for Learning Strategy Support website for more information.​​​​


KPE in partnership with the Career Exploration and Education at U of T offers a series of online workshops to support KPE undergraduate students' career goals. 


Develop your career path and get valuable advice about finding work, accessing the job market and further education by visiting the Explore and Start a Career website.

Need support in writing an effective resume? Not sure where to start with your grad school letter of intent? Unsure how to answer the "what is your greatest weakness" interview question? Use your UTORid to log onto CLNx (  for a listing of career education workshops.

KPE also offers tailored workshops specifically for your career and future educational goals as a KPE undergraduate student. Register for these upcoming KPE tailored workshops:

  • What Can I Do with a Kinesiology Degree? | Jan 15, 2024 @ 2pm | This session has passed - stay tuned for future workshops.
  • Personal Statement & Resume Writing for Grad School Applications | Tues, Oct 10, 2023 @ 2:30pm | This session has passed - stay tuned for future workshops.

Your CAREER EDUCATOR: Mary mcauliffe

Mary McAuliffe is the Career Educator that supports students and recent graduates at KPE. Mary supports career events and workshops at KPE and, together with the Career Education team in Student Life, one-on-one appointments relating to career questions can be booked directly on CLNx ( or by following this link ​​​​​​.


Professional Development Workshops

The Graduate Department of Kinesiology offers monthly graduate seminars featuring speakers from across U of T and Canada. Speaker present on a broad variety of topics. Students in the MA, MSc and PhD programs are expected to attend all of the graduate seminars.

The Graduate Department of Kinesiology also holds a series of workshops designed to support MA, MSc and PhD students during their program.

Learn more about Graduate Seminars and Professional Development Workshops

KPE Grad Space

In this series, students will be provided a space to co-work on their assignments, projects, readings, and thesis. The Grad Space offers an inclusive, engaging, and supportive environment for KPE graduate students to excel in their academic pursuits while being engaged with their graduate community at large. 

KPE Wellness Counsellor

The Faculty, in partnership with the U of T Health and Wellness Centre, offers confidential counselling services to undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in KPE degree programs. 

Many students find it helpful to meet with a counsellor to learn how to manage stress around schedules, exams, relationships, or any unexpected challenge. Liz Montgomery, Registered Psychotherapist is available to listen and help you identify strategies to enhance your own inner resources.  

To book a virtual or appointment, contact the Health and Wellness Centre at 416-978-8030 and ask to book a time with the KPE counsellor. 

Note: Wellness Counsellor services are only available to students who live in Ontario due to provincial regulatory requirements. 


Navi is a virtual agent that help students navigate university resources and mental health supports at the University of Toronto. Navi is an informational tool, and does not provide advice, counselling nor does it make any diagnosis. If students would like to speak to someone, Navi highlights a suite of resources that students can connect with 24/7.

button with text: chat with navi now

Student Mental Health Website

From workshops and programs to in-person counselling and more, U of T has many services and resources to meet you where you are. Whether you’re building a strong foundation for the future or looking for ways to get help right now, there’s a resource for you. The Student Mental Health website has a robust search and filter function that allows students to match their needs with the many types of supports available through the University and its community partners.


KINections is your one-stop shop for information on all the ways you can connect and get involved beyond the classroom as a KPE student! You’ll find curated events and activities that support wellness and connection at KPE and with the broader local and global community.

Visit the KINections website now

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