BKin Graduation Information

Procession of KPE students walking to Convocation Hall for their graduation ceremony

Please review the KPE Undergraduate Academic Calendar for a full listing of graduation procedures and policies. Click the headings below for specific information about planning and preparing for the convocation ceremony. 

Graduating KPE undergraduate students can review their degree completion assessment using the ACORN Degree Explorer tool to ensure they are on track for graduation.

Graduating students who have questions or concerns about their Degree Explorer listing should contact the KPE Registrar's Office at undergrad.kpe@utoronto.ca to schedule an appointment with a Student Advisor. 

June 2024 Graduation Requests

Fourth year students planning on graduating at the KPE convocation ceremony in June 2024 must request graduation through the ACORN system. The graduation request option will be active on ACORN for eligible students starting on October 2, 2023 and will close on January 31, 2024.

Students who experience issues requesting graduation on ACORN should contact the KPE Registrar's Office at undergrad.kpe@utoronto.ca to schedule an appointment with a Student Advisor. There is likely an issue with degree completion progress which is preventing the online declaration option.

March 2024 'In Absentia'  Graduation Requests

Convocation was available in March 2024 in absentia (no ceremony) for any students who have completed their degree requirements by January 2024. Please contact the Assistant Registrar, Registration and Records, Tim Linden, directly if you would like details about March 2024 convocation in absentia.

Certificates are a great way to demonstrate your interest and focus in a topic and special population.

Deadline: April 7, 2024 at 11:59 p.m. ET

Steps to Request a Certificate

Below you will find details on requesting a maximum of 3 certificates, which the KPE Office of the Registrar & Student Services will confirm your eligibility for the certificate upon graduation.

Step 1

Login to ACORN.

From the ACORN dashboard, under "ACADEMICS" select "Enrol & Manage". 

Image highlighting where to click

Step 2

On the "Enrol & Manage" page, there will be one or more tabs labelled with the academic session. Select the current academic Fall/Winter academic session.

Then, select the "Programs" button, or the "Programs" page from the main navigation.


Step 3

In the search field, type "PEC" and you will see the list of Certificates available for you to request. 

NOTE: Although ACORN will allow you to select all of the certificates, BKin students are only allowed a maximum of 3 certificates. Please only select the 3 you qualify for and prefer.

Image highlighting where to click

On the program enrolment modal, review the information presented and select the "Enrol" button.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • If you plan on using an in-field placement course (KPE355, KPE455), a research course (KPE390, KPE490, KPE495) and/or an exchange to meet a certificate requirement, you must also complete and submit this form. This is also due Sun, April 7 at 11:59 p.m. ET.
  • Maximum of 3 certificates per student
  • A course can only be used to meet the requirements of one certificate. You can't use the same course to meet the requirements of multiple certificates. This may mean needing to choose between certificates you would otherwise qualify for.
  • If you requested certificates you are not eligible for, you will receive an email from the Assistant Registrar with additional details. Be sure to check your U of T email daily from now until convocation.

KPE undergraduates who have completed the requirements for an Arts & Science Minor or Major may request official recognition of the Minor/Major on their academic transcript. Completion of the online request form is due by September 30 for November convocation and April 30 for June convocation.

November 2024 Convocation

The KPE November 2024 convocation ceremony date is scheduled for TBD.

JUne 2025 Convocation

The KPE June 2025 convocation ceremony date is scheduled for TBD. 

Graduating students are guaranteed at least two guest tickets as long as they have completed the online RSVP and Guest Ticket Request form on ACORN by the published deadlines. There is an option to gain additional tickets through a lottery system. Supplies are limited so extra tickets are not guaranteed. Information about request procedures and deadlines will be available on the Office of Convocation website.

Please visit the Office of Convocation website for more information about the convocation ceremony.