Biomechanics & Sport Medicine Lab

AIM: To develop movement assessment and (re)training strategies for performance enhancement and injury prevention.

    Research projects

    Below is a list of select published/accepted articles. For a complete list of published and accepted articles, please refer to the Faculty members' google scholar citations, as follows.

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    Selected articles published/accepted

    Frost DM, Bronson S, Cronin JB, Newton RU. Changes in maximal strength, velocity and power following eight weeks of training with pneumatic or free weight resistance. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.

    Musalem LL, Stankovic T, Glisic D, Cook GE, Beach TAC. Biomechanical and electromyographic comparisons of isometric trunk flexor endurance test postures: prone “plank” vs. “v-sit”. Journal of Applied Biomechanics.

    Khuu S, Musalem LL, Beach TAC. Verbal instructions acutely affect drop vertical jump biomechanics – Implications for athletic performance and injury risk assessments. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.

    Frost DM, Beach TAC, Crosby I, McGill SM. Firefighter injuries are not just a fireground problem. Work.

    Frost DM, Beach TAC, Crosby I, McGill SM. The cost and distribution of firefighter injuries in a large metropolitan Canadian fire department. Submitted to Work.

    Southwell D, Petersen S, Beach TAC, Graham RB. Influence of footwear on the biomechanics of the barbell back squat exercise – Comparisons between barefoot and shod conditions in experienced weightlifters. Submitted to European Journal of Sports Sciences.

    Frost DM, Beach TAC, Campbell T, Callaghan JP, McGill SM. Quantifying the transfer of exercise – Using the Functional Movement Screen™ to capture changes in spine and knee motion control. Submitted to Physical Therapy in Sport.

    Menta R, Beach TAC, Robb A, Howarth SJ. Almost all of the “passive” hip internal rotation range-of-motion is used during the golf swing – Potential implications for low-back pain. Submitted to Sports Biomechanics.


    St-Onge E, Beach TA, Robb AJ, Howarth SJ. Descriptive analysis of shoulder muscle activities during individual stages of the Turkish Get-Up exercise. Submitted to Journal of Athletic Training, December 2016.

    Jackson KM, Beach TAC, Andrews DM. The effect of isometric hip muscle strength training protocol on valgus angle during a drop vertical jump in competitive female volleyball players. Submitted to Journal of Sports Sciences, December 2016.

    Beach TAC, Stankovic T, Carnegie DR, Micay R, Frost DM. Using verbal instructions to influence lifting mechanics – Does the directive “lift with your legs, not your back” attenuate spinal flexion? Submitted to Applied Ergonomics, December 2016.

    Tomescu SS, Bakker R, Beach TAC, Chandrashekar N. The effects of filter cutoff frequency on musculoskeletal simulations of high-impact movements. Submitted to Journal of Biomechanics, July 2016.

    Gooyers CE, Beach TAC, Frost DM, Howarth SJ, Callaghan JP. Exploring interactions between external task demands in lifting on estimates of in vivo low-back joint loads. Submitted to Ergonomics, May 2016.

    Glisic D, Frost DM, Richards D, Beach TAC. Patellar tendon loading during laboratory-controlled vertical and horizontal jump-landing tasks – Towards the development of a tool to assess the risk of developing "jumper's knee".

    Jackson K, Beach TAC, Andrews DM. The effect of isometric strength training on valgus angle during a drop-jump landing in elite female volleyball players.

    Hapuarachchi M, Hincapié C, Frost DM, Stankovic T, Richards D, Beach TAC. Functional Movement Screen™ scores in a student-athlete population – A descriptive study.

    Beach TAC, Hincapié C, Frost DM, Hapuarachchi M, Stankovic T, Richards D. Using joint range-of-motion measures to test the construct validity of the Functional Movement Screen™.

    Chapman CJ, Khuu S, Frost DM, Beach TAC. Lower extremity joint loading during variations of the single-leg squat – Implications for movement screening, assessment, and coaching.

    Beach TAC, Frost DM, McGill SM, Callaghan JP. Low-back loading demands during simulated firefighting tasks – Inter-subject variation and the impact of fatigue and gender.

    Tomescu SS, Bakker R, Chandrashekar N, Beach TAC. Effects of filter cut-off frequency on musculoskeletal simulations of high-impact movements.

    Gooyers CE, Frost DM, Beach TAC, Howarth SJ, Callaghan JP. Exploring interactions between external task demands in lifting on estimates of in vivo low-back joint loads.


    Financial and in-kind support for the knowledge generation, synthesis, and translation activities in the Biomechanics & Sport Medicine Lab (MSK Lab) is provided by the following organizations:

    Canadian Sport Institute Ontario

    Centre of Research Expertise for the Prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders

    David L. MacIntosh Sports Medicine Clinic, University of Toronto

    Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical Education, University of Toronto

    Motion Signature Analysis

    Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture & Sport

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    Scientific Team


    Tyson Beach, David Frost, Doug Richards

    Graduate Students

    Malinda Hapuarachchi, PhD Candidate

    Danielle Carnegie, PhD Candidate

    Devon Frayne, PhD Student

    Chris Chapman, MSc Student

    Tatjana Stankovic, MSc Student

    Jackie Zehr, MSc Student

    Victor Chan, MSc Student

    Constantine Poulos, MSc Student

    Steven Hirsch, MSc Student

    Graduate Student Alumni

    Drazen Glisic (MSc, Exercise Science, University of Toronto)

    Lindsay Musalem (MSc, Exercise Science, University of Toronto)

    Stefanie Bronson (MSc, Exercise Science, University of Toronto)

    KPE Faculty

    • Associate Professor, Teaching Stream, Sport & Exercise Biomechanics
    • Director, Master of Professional Kinesiology