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Did you know that physical activity can help decrease negative mood and stress, reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, and enhance academic success? MoveU.HappyU is a free, unique six-week program that offers behaviour change coaching and exercise training to students for mental health support. 

If you are an undergraduate or graduate student at the University of Toronto who has sought assistance for your mental health, MoveU.HappyU may be the right option for you. 

For more information or to get involved, e-mail the program coordinators at 
or apply to the program online


What is Behaviour Change coaching? 

Behaviour change coaching is an evidence-based method for improving physical activity levels and well-being in university students. In the MoveU.HappyU program, we offer strategies such as goal setting, planning and self-monitoring as ways to help students stick to a physical activity program. These strategies are also transferable to other aspects of one's life. 

What is Involved in the Program? 

MoveU.HappyU is a 6-week program consisting of weekly 60 minute one-on-one sessions. The sessions consist of two components lasting roughly half an hour each: 

1. Behaviour Change Coaching

  • Learn behaviour change strategies 
  • Set goals and weekly activity action plans 
  • Learn strategies to overcome barriers to your action plans 
  • Focus on techniques that reduce stress and increase coping skills

2. Exercise Training 

  • Individualized exercise program designed for your needs and goals 
  • Learn exercise techniques you can incorporate into your daily exercise routine 
  • Increase your knowledge on exercise training (e.g. flexibility, cardio-respiratory training, resistance training) 
  • Sessions are designed to answer your fitness and health related questions

Who can Participate? 

Any undergraduate or graduate student currently enrolled in academics at the University of Toronto can be involved in the program. Referrals to the program tend to come from health professionals at Health and Wellness, but may come from other staff working in student services roles. Preference is given to students who are not currently meeting physical activity guidelines (e.g., individuals who are engaged in less than 150 minutes of higher intensity exercise per week) 

How do I get Involved? 

Your involvement in this study will involve a one-on-one meeting with a research assistant to complete a questionnaire package on questions regarding personal demographics, physical activity and mental health at the Mental Health and Physical Activity Research Center (MPARC). Following the initial meeting, weekly exercise sessions using the MPARC equipment will be scheduled for 6 weeks. A follow-up questionnaire will be handed out at the end of the program. This information is completely confidential and serves to evaluate the MoveU.HappyU program.

For more information, or to get involved, e-mail the program coordinators at:

You can also get involved by applying to the program online.

Where are we located? 

The MoveU.HappyU program is a mental health initiative located in the Athletic Centre at 55 Harbord St.