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Welcome to Club Sports @ KPE! 

As part of Sport & Rec's Sports and Clubs offering, Club Sports @ KPE are an opportunity to participate in a competitive environment in a variety of activities. All U of T students, as well as non-students who have a Sport & Rec membership, can register for these clubs in the Customer & Membership Services office in the Athletic Centre or online.

COVID-19 Update:

In consideration of the new provincial measures, and in an effort to support public health efforts, the University has made the decision to suspend all indoor sport and physical activity programs for a 28-day period ending November 9, 2020.

Read the latest update on our fall programming and new safety protocols.

What We Offer:

As the province enters modified Stage 2 lockdown restrictions, all indoor Club Sports @ KPE activities and promgramming have been suspended until November 9th.

Please continue to check for up-to-date information on our sport, physical activity and recreation programs and services.

Recreational Clubs:

U of T - Clubs - Karate



Providing all U of T students with the opportunity to practice karate.



Click here to learn about our

Karate Club

U of T - Clubs - Kendo



Bringing "the way of the sword"

to U of T.



Click here to learn about

our Kendo Club

U of T - Clubs - Masters Swim

Master's Swim

Dryland Training Fall 2020

Wether it's for competition or

personal fitness, this is your way into the water!


Click here to learn about

Master's Swim Club

U of T - Clubs - Synchro

Synchronized Swimming


Stressing the importance of unison.



Click here to learn about our Synchronized Swimming Club

U of T - Clubs - Triatholon


Not available to Fall 2020.


Click here to learn about our Triathlon Club





Competitive Clubs:

U of T - Clubs - Cheerleading


Not available to Fall 2020.


For tumblers, stunters and more!


Click here to learn about our Cheerleading Club

U of T - Clubs - Dancing


Competing across Ontario in disciplines from Tap to Hip-Hop.



Click here to learn about our

Dance Club

U of T - Clubs - Nordic Skiing

Nordic Ski

Cross-Country skiing for all skill levels.




Click here to learn about our

Nordic Ski Club

U of T - Clubs - Pom


Located at the intersection between dance and cheerleading.



Click here to learn about our

Pom Club


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Studying at U of T Scarborough or U of T Mississauga?
While our programs and facilities are open to all U of T students, you can also explore what's available through the Athletics department at U of T Mississauga or the Athletics & Recreation opportunities at U of T Scarborough.