Registrar Services

Our team in the KPE Registrar's Office look forward to helping you. We are available throughout the year for consultation regarding any difficulties you may experience, even if they are not related to academics. We are here to equip you with the supports and services you need to success throughout your academic career. See below for a listing of services.

Degree Audits

If you have any questions or concerns about degree planning and progression, or your Degree Explorer assessment, we recommend that you make an appointment with the Faculty's Student Advisor at

KPE Undergraduate Newsletter

Electronic newsletters are student to all KPE students by email on a regular basis. These newsletters contain important and time sensitive information about procedures, policies, deadlines etc. It is your responsibility to check and read your UTmail+ account regularly.

Letters of Confirmation

Letters of Confirmation are requested by completing the Letter of Confirmation request form and submitting it with the $7.00 fee. Once the request form and payment has been received, the Letter of Confirmation will be ready for pick up from the Main Office within two business days.

All completed forms should be emailed to Please do not fax or mail forms.

Letter of Permission

Students who would like to take courses from another university for credit towards their undergraduate program must complete a Letter of Permission request form. There is a $32.00 fee for the Letter of Permission evaluation.

All completed forms should be emailed to Please do not fax or mail forms.

Change of Name or Gender

You may use this form to make one of the following changes in your official academic record: 

- Correct a mistake in your name

- Add, remove, or change middle name(s) or middle initial(s)

- Change your name to something different from your formal legal name (i.e. preferred name)

- Change your name prior to graduation

- Change your name on an existing diploma or certificate (requires supporting documentation)

- Change your gender


All completed forms should be emailed to Please do not fax or mail forms.


RESP Forms

Registered Education Saving Plan confirmation forms for the current academic session can be completed and signed in person at no extra charge. Confirmations for the next academic session will be completed after a student’s academic year and standing have been determined in mid July. Students who do not have forms provided by their RESP provider may request a Letter of Confirmation ($7.00 fee).

Continuation of Interest Free Status - Schedule 2 Form

Past recipients of OSAP funding who are studying full time and are not receiving OSAP funding for the current year can complete a Schedule 2 Form in the KPE Registrar's Office. It is best to complete these forms by the end of October.


Current students and recent alumni can order official transcripts online using the ACORN system. A valid UTORid and password are required to login. 

Pre-UTORid alumni can order official transcripts online using  Alumni Transcripts. A valid student number and PIN are required to login.

There is a $15.00 fee charged per transcript. Courier options are available for a higher fee to ensure quick delivery. More information about ordering transcripts is available at the University of Toronto Transcript Centre website.