From good to gold: Science and technology in high performance sport

From good to gold: Science and technology in high performance sport” was held May 2015. Presentations included real time interactive demonstrations with high performance athletes. Professor Greg Wells demonstrated how physiological monitoring and analysis is critical for effective training and reaching optimal performance levels in competition. They also showed how mobile technology has the potential to revolutionize physiological monitoring and analysis. Professor Tim Welsh and Olympic gold medal-winning trampoline gymnast Rosie MacLennan and her coach demonstrated how cognitive and neural mechanisms shape our actions, and in particular, how these mechanisms function specifically when MacLennan executes a series of trampoline jumps and layouts. Professor Katherine Tamminen demonstrated a cell phone application that allows researchers to gather data about a team’s stress and emotion levels, and ultimately how this information can affect performance and be best applied in preparation for competition. Professor Tyson Beach and MacLennan demonstrated force plate technology and how this tool, combined with a range of measurement techniques, allows researchers to create mathematical models of the human body which are then used to show how MacLennan is able to achieve world-class flight-times in competition. The evening was moderated by CBC radio host Tom Harrington.