How to Apply

For detailed application procedures please visit the U of T Enrolment Services website. Equivalencies for applicants from other provinces and international applicants are also available at the Enrolment Services website.

Ontario High School Admission Requirements


Six Grade 12 4U/M courses or their equivalent; must include:

  • English  
  • Advanced Functions or Calculus and Vectors 
  • One of: Biology/Physics/Chemistry 
  • Strongly recommended: Introduction to Kinesiology/Exercise Science
  • Recommended: Biology and/or Physics – (Note: Chemistry is strongly recommended for candidates wanting to pursue multiple courses in university level Biology).

Additional Requirements

An online Statement of Interest, including the name and contact information of one referee, is required of all applicants to the BKin degree program. Students who do not complete the Statement of Interest will be disqualified. The deadline to submit the online form is February 1, 2021Extended to: March 15, 2021.

Statement of Interest –  Extended Deadline: March 15, 2021

How to Apply

For detailed application procedures, please visit the U of T Enrolment Services website.

Step One

Apply to your desired program via the Ontario Universities' Application Centre. Current Ontario secondary school students apply using the online OUAC 101 form. Internal U of T transfer applicants apply using the online internal U of T transfer application (see: Full-Time Degree Applicants Previously or Currently Registered as Students at the University of Toronto)All other applicants: Apply using the online OUAC 105 form. 

Step Two

Submit your profile by the deadline specified below.
Statement of Interest - You will receive confirmation that your completed Statement was submitted correctly immediately after your form is received.  Receipt of the form will show as “Submitted” on your Status Check page on the Join U of T Portal approximately ten days after receipt.

Deadline February 1, 2021Extended deadline March 15, 2021
Step Three

Submit any additional required documentation to University of Toronto Enrolment Services as early as possible, visit the admissions website for details.

Canadian and International High School Admission Requirements

Proof of English Facility

All applicants to the University of Toronto must be able to demonstrate proof of English facility. To find out if you are required to provide proof of English, please visit the Enrolment Services English facility website.

Transfer Admission Requirements

Students enrolled in other degree programs at the University of Toronto or external universities may apply for transfer to the BKin degree program.

Spaces for transfer students are limited and competition is high. All transfer applicants must meet the published program prerequisites. High school grades in the A range and a university GPA of 2.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale is recommended to be competitive. Transfer students who are on probation or suspension in their current program are not eligible for admission.

For detailed application procedures please visit the U of T Enrolment Services website. Look for and follow directions pertaining to your specific status. 

Proof of English Facility

All applicants to the University of Toronto must be able to demonstrate proof of English facility. To find out if you are required to provide proof of English, please visit the Enrolment Services English facility website.

Special and Visiting Students (Non-Degree)

Special and/or visiting students are individuals living in North America. They are not proceeding to a degree offered by the Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education and wish to take courses offered by the Faculty out of interest or for transfer credit. Students who fit this description must meet the admission criteria expected of students who are proceeding to a degree.

Visiting students must be in good standing at their home university.

Applicants not previously admitted to the Faculty must submit a complete application, relevant documents and a $60 fee directly to the Faculty. Graduates of Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education programs may be readmitted for further undergraduate study upon presentation of a letter to the Admissions Committee outlining the reasons they would like to return. The re-registration fee for returning students is $25. The fee is waived for KPE students who have graduated within the last year.

Official transcripts from all institutions attended are required. Visiting students from other universities must also include a letter of permission from their home institution. Early application is advised as spaces are limited. Not all applicants are granted this privilege.

Application Deadlines

April 1: Summer Admission
June 30: September admission
November 30: January admission

Application Forms and Information:


All completed forms should be emailed to Please do not fax or mail forms.

Arts and Science Registration Only

Special and visiting students wishing to enrol solely in Arts & Science courses who are not KPE graduates should apply via the Woodsworth College Visiting Student Program.

Other Resources

Financial Aid

Complete financial aid procedures and resource listings are available on the Admissions & Awards website.

Academic and Incidental Fees

Academic fees include required and specified optional academic and practica courses in the Faculty and other divisions of the University. Outdoor Project fees are not included in the tuition invoice and must be paid separately. Incidental fees include campus services and various student society fees. Full-time degree program fees during the regular academic year (September-April) are charged on a flat rate basis. Part-time, summer session and non-degree tuition fees are charged on a per course basis. Approved tuition fee and refund schedules for the current academic session are available on the Student Accounts website.


The University of Toronto is committed to helping students find appropriate and affordable housing in the greater Toronto area. Residence is guaranteed for all new full-time students entering their first year of university in an undergraduate program for the first time, provided that they have indicated their interest in residence by completing the University’s common residence application (MyRes). Please visit the following Housing Services website for detailed information.