The information on this page contains general information related to final exams, procedures for missed exams and requests to view final exams. For a full listing of examination policies and procedures please refer to the Undergraduate Program Calendar.

1. A pre-assigned seating plan will be used in all mid-term and final examinations.

2. Students are advised to arrive at the examination room at least 20 minutes before the scheduled exam time.

3. No person will be allowed in an examination room during an examination except the students concerned and those supervising the examination.

4. Students will not be permitted to enter the examination room later than 15 minutes after the start of the exam, or to leave except under supervision until at least half an hour after the exam has commenced.

5. No communication, verbal or non-verbal, is permitted once the student enters the examination room and during the examination. Students may not leave the examination room unescorted for any reason.

6. Students shall place their watch or timepiece on their desks. Items that have functions other than indicating time may not be used as time pieces. E.g. cellphones, smart watches, or similar electronic items.

7. Only a pen, pencil, ruler, calculator (if permitted) and signed Photo I.D. card (eg. T-Card, upto-date passport, current driver’s license or current Canadian health card) will be allowed on the student’s table. Note: all students shall bring photo I.D.

8. Any pencil cases/containers found on desks will be searched. No materials or (electronic) devices shall be used at an examination except those authorized by the course instructor/Examiner. Unauthorized materials include, but are not limited to: books, class notes, or aid sheets. Unauthorized devices include, but are not limited to: cellular telephones (such as iPhones), laptop computers, calculators, MP3 players (such as an iPod), Personal Digital Assistants (“PDA” such as a Palm Pilot or Blackberry), pagers, electronic dictionaries, compact disc players, mini disc players, Smart Watches and Smart Glasses. Coats, jackets, knapsacks, purses, pencil cases, notes and books are to be deposited in areas designated by the instructor and are not to be taken to the examination desk or table. It is recommended that students DO NOT bring valuables, including electronics, to the examination room. However, if the student has brought a bag (paper, transparent plastic or non-transparent plastic), the following items may be stored inside it under the student’s chair (as long as the bag is large enough): cell phone, wallet, laptop computer and any small electronic devices such as a calculator.

9. Students with unauthorized materials or electronic devices outside the designated area within the examination room or who assist or obtain assistance from other students or from any unauthorized source are liable to penalties under the Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters (see link below), including the loss of academic credit and expulsion.

10. No hats or sunglasses may be worn during the examination.

11. An invigilator will accompany students who need to use the washroom.

12. Students shall remain seated at their desks during the final ten minutes of each examination.

13. At the conclusion of an exam all writing within the answer books and/or scantron shall cease. The invigilator may seize the examination papers of students who fail to observe this requirement, and a penalty may be imposed.

14. Examination books and other material issued for the examination shall not be removed from the examination room except by authority of the Course Instructor.

If an offence is committed, The Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters will be enforced including up to the loss of academic credit and expulsion. www.governingcouncil.utoronto.ca/policies/behaveac.htm

It is your responsibility to familiarize yourselves with the exam rules of the Faculty from which your course is delivered. For example, the exam rules from the Faculty of Arts and Science can be found at the following link: http://www.artsci.utoronto.ca/current/exams/rules.

The following situations constitute a final examinations conflict:

  • Same time: two or more final examinations scheduled for the same day and time
  • Three exams on one date: three final examinations scheduled on the same day
  • Three consecutive time slots, e.g. morning, afternoon, evening OR afternoon, evening, next day morning OR evening, next day morning, afternoon

If you have a Final exam conflict: 

  1. Fill out an 'Exam Conflict Report' form
  2. Submit the completed form to the KPE Registrar's Office by the deadline in person, or by email via undergrad.kpe@utoronto.ca
  3. You will be notified by the KPE Registrar's Office of your next steps


All completed forms should be emailed to undergrad.kpe@utoronto.ca. Please do not fax or mail forms.


All completed forms should be emailed to undergrad.kpe@utoronto.ca. Please do not fax or mail forms.

Students submitting missed exam reports to the Registrar's Office based on medical grounds should currently replace the verification of illness form with a record on the Absence Declaration tool on ACORN (found in the Profile and Settings menu) to formally declare an absence from academic participation.

​​MIssed Examinations

Students who miss a mid-term or final examination for an unforeseen and petitionable reason must notify the Registrar’s Office within 24 hours of the scheduled examination.  Following notification, appropriate documentation must be provided to the Registrar’s Office either before the test/exam date or within one week after the test/exam date.  Failure to notify the Registrar’s Office and provide documentation within the allotted time will result in the assignment of zero for the missed examination.

Students who sit a scheduled examination will not be allowed to ask for an alternative assessment or special consideration in marking after the fact.

guidelines for Missed Term Tests and Mid-Term Examinations

The following applies to all FKPE undergraduate courses regarding any missed term test or mid-term examination.  These guidelines DO NOT apply to final examinations.  Guidelines for non-FKPE courses may differ.

1. Missed Term Test or Mid-Term Exam with Appropriate Notification and Documentation1 for Absence:

- The option to write a deferred term test or mid-term exam may be given, at the discretion of the instructor2
- Term tests and mid-term exams will only be deferred ONE time per course.  The deferred test/exam will be set within four weeks of the original term test/mid-term exam date. 

2. Missed Regular or Deferred Term Test/Mid-Term Exam without both Appropriate Notification and Documentation1 for Absence:

- A grade of zero will be assigned for missed regular and deferred term tests/mid-term exams without appropriate notification and  documentation for absence.

3. Missed Deferred Term Test or Deferred Mid-Term Exam with Appropriate Notification and Documentation1 for Absence:

- If the final exam is NOT cumulative or the course has no final exam, a petition for suitable accommodation must be submitted to the Examinations Committee via the Registrar’s Office.
- If the final exam is cumulative the weighting of the term test or mid-term exam will be added to the final exam provided this new weighting is ≤ 75% of the final course grade.  If the new weighting results in a final exam that is >75%, the student will have the option of accepting this higher weighting by notifying the Registrar’s office in writing, or petitioning for a second deferred mid-term examination with the original weighting.  The timing of the second deferred mid-term examination will be at the end of term and may result in a deferred final examination.

1Appropriate Documentation refers to relevant documentation for a FKPE-accepted reason for absence.  Examples include a physician-signed verification of illness or injury form, death certificate for bereavement leave, signed Varsity letter indicating absence for competition on the date of the test/exam.  Note: documentation must indicate the absence overlaps the examination date.  Documentation ending before or starting after the examination date is not acceptable grounds.

2At the discretion of the course instructor, in courses with cumulative final exams, there may be no option for a deferred term test/mid-term exam.  In this case, the weighting of the missed evaluation will be added to the final cumulative exam.  Course outlines will indicate whether or not a deferred mid-term is offered in the course.

Guidelines for Missed Final Examinations

Students who miss a final examination and provide proper notice and documentation will have a deferred examination as per the deferred final examination section below.  Guidelines for non-FKPE courses may differ.

Deferred Final Examinations

A student may apply for a deferred final examination for only three reasons:

  1. documented medical grounds,
  2. documented international competition with a national team or other activities with equivalent significance, or
  3. documented compassionate grounds.

In each of these cases, the Examinations Committee must be convinced that the student gave the Faculty written notice at the earliest possible opportunity. In cases 1 or 3, the Registrar’s Office must receive notification within the 24 hour time limit (indicated above) and a petition with supporting documentation requesting a deferred exam must be submitted no later than the end of the examination period. In case 2, arrangements for the international competition must not be made before a student receives permission for an alternative examination date.

Students who sit a scheduled examination will not be allowed to ask for an alternative assessment or special consideration in marking after the fact. Deferred examinations from the December finals will be scheduled during the last two weeks in January.

Deferred examinations from the April finals will be scheduled in mid May. Students who missed writing during the deferred exam periods will write at the next available opportunity which may be the following year when the course is offered.

Deferred Midterm Examinations

With the addition of C.I.S. and O.U.A. league and final competitions to item 2 above, this policy follows the same guidelines as the Deferred Final Examinations Policy above.

Outstanding mid-term tests and assignments

Deadlines and penalties for late or missing work will be stated in the course outline. Professors have the authority to grant extensions of term work to no later than the last date of the examination period. Students requiring extensions beyond that date must petition. Professors may require students to formally petition for term work extensions at their discretion (See Grading Practices, Part B).

KPE Final Exams - INSTRUCTOR Facilitated

Course instructors facilitate final exam exam viewings for a period of four weeks after final grades have been posted.

Step 1: Contact your course instructor within four weeks of the posting of final grades to review your final exam. For privacy reasons you must send the request from your UTmail+ account.

Step 2: The course instructor will contact you to make arrangements for a supervised viewing of the exam.

Step 3: The exam viewing will be supervised by the course instructor or TA. An answer key will be provided for your reference. Additional reference materials (i.e. textbooks, notes) are only allowed by permission of the instructor. 

Students are asked to make every attempt to view their exam within the four week period. Please contact the KPE Registrar's Office should you still wish to review your exam after the four week period or if you need assistance with contacting your instructor.  


The deadline to request an exam viewing is six months after the final grade has been posted. 


Other Division Exam Viewings/Reproduction

To view or request a final exam reproduction from another division at the U of T (Arts & Science, UTSC, UTM) please follow the procedures and deadlines noted on that division's website.