Call for Study Participants

How brain frequencies correlate to performance outcomes - July 2018

Eye tracking study - 18 to 35 year olds, right handed, no glasses (contacts allowed) - June 2018

Critical Assessment of the Faculty of Kinesiology an Physical Education Equity Policies - June 2018

Male active participants to study muscle protein synthesis and muscle recovery after resistance training - May 2018

Right handed dominant volunteers (ages 17-47) for sensory motor testing - May 2018

Right handed adults for movement and senses testing in healthy aging - May 2018

Girls Team Sport Participation - May 2018

Participants with mild traumatic brain injury or concussion within the last year - May 2018

Right handed individuals 18-35 years of age with normal/corrected vision for motor control studies - May 2018

Participants 17-47 for a golf putting task to study sensory integration - April 2018

Male university hockey alumni, ages 30-80, with or without a history of concussion - April 2018

Males and Females aged 18-48 for a study on how people execute, imagine and perceive action. - April 2018

Current and former male or female athletes for survey regarding experiences with mental health care - April 2018

Healthy women ages 45-65 for an exercise and blood pressure study - April 2018

Current University of Toronto students  and Varsity Athletes for online questionnaire regarding sport participation and well-being - April 2018

Caregivers of children age 2-5 for a study on the use of mobile technology - March 2018

Seeking elite or competitive athletes 16-18 years old for a study on your experiences in sport - March 2018

Student Narratives Surrounding Accessibility Within Physical Activity and Sport Spaces at the University of Toronto - January 2018 

Weight-trained participants aged 18-35 for a study on dietary protein and amino acid oxidation - November 2017 



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