Call for Study Participants

  1. Project Brain Decode: Healthy and Recently Concussed Adolescent Athletes Needed for Concussion Research

  2. Varsity or competitive athletes (20-29 years old) wanted for Exercise and Learning Study 
  3. Healthy, recreationally-active men, aged 18-35 years for a dietary protein and resistance exercise study
  4. Ever swipe right on another varsity athlete?
  5. Healthy recreationally active males wanted for resistance training study
  6. Movement and early literacy skills in 3- and 4-year old children 
  7. Blue-eyed Adult Participants for an Eye-Tracking VR Study
  8. Fitness Assessment for Children Using Life Sized Connect 4 (ages 11-12 years)
  9. Innovative program targeting movement and social- emotional skills in children ages 3-4  
  10. Do motor skills transfer to new activities? (Musician and non-musicians needed, ages 18-35)
  11. Effects of Protein Quality on Post-Exercise Recovery in Active Youth (ages 8-16)
  12. Healthy recreationally active females wanted for resistance training study
  13. Research Subjects Aged 18-80 Years Needed for Exercise Study 
  14. Adults (18-35) wanted for an exercise research study
  15. Motor Systems Activation and Adaptation During Movement Imagery 
  16. Perceptual Motor Behaviour Study - Pointing and Aiming Task 

  17. Motor Control after Eccentric Arm Exercise Study 

  18. 18-35 years old right-handed participants needed for an aiming study

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