Council of Athletics and Recreation (CAR)


The Council of Athletics and Recreation (CAR) is one of the oldest continuing student governance bodies at the University of Toronto, with a history dating back more than 100 years. It has jurisdiction over the co-curricular sport and recreation programs on the St. George Campus, as well as university-wide programs such as Intramurals.

Composed of students, administrative staff, alumni, and facility users, CAR is responsible for overall athletics and recreation policy, including the allocation of funds to program areas, staffing policy, and rental and fees policy. CAR is a Standing Committee of the KPE Faculty Council.

Students enjoy constitutional parity on the 30-member Council, and participation in CAR is a fantastic means to get involved in the on-campus governance process.

2017 By-Election - Nomination Period

From 9 am Monday September 25 to 5 pm Friday October 6, the nominations period is open to fill the remaining positions available on the Council.

We are seeking a representative from each of the following constituencies:

-  One Part Time Undergraduate Student

- One Student-at-Large (any program, undergraduate or graduate)

- One U of T Faculty Member

- One U of T Administrative Staff Member

Nomination forms can be picked up from the Front Desk of the Goldring Centre (100 Devonshire Place) or the Main Office in the Athletic Centre (55 Harbord).

Completed forms must be returned by 5pm on Friday, October 6 to room 236 of the Goldring Centre, or via email to