Further to the ongoing planning around COVID-19 and in response to the March 17, 2020 message from the Provost, all buildings operated by the Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education (FKPE) and U of T Sport & Rec are closed to students, members of the public, staff and faculty.

Below we have outlined how these changes will affect memberships.

Payments and Refunds

  • Existing Sport & Rec memberships of non-student community members will be extended for the length of the closure. As an alternative, members who wish to receive a pro-rated refund should contact us at
  • In light of the closure, we will not be processing the payments for community members currently on the monthly payment plan, starting April 1, 2020.
  • For programs or services that included a registration fee for participation, that fee will be refunded in a prorated manner. 
  • With our buildings closed at this time, we are unable to process refunds directly to credit or debit cards.
  • To ensure that customers receive their refunds, we will we will be issuing refunds via cheque, delivered to the mailing address on file. In the coming days, a member of our Sport & Rec customer service team will reach out to you by telephone or e-mail to confirm your mailing address. We will verify your identity using a set of security questions. 
  • At no time will we ask you for any credit or debit card details, by phone or by e-mail.
  • Due to the volume of requests, we cannot provide a timeline for the cheque delivery. 
  • We appreciate your patience as we work to provide refunds in a safe and secure way and thank you for the support and understanding. 

Locker Update

At this time, all locker contents will remain intact; no lockers will be cleared out until further notice. Once more facility access information is made available, a locker procedure communication will be sent out to all members/students. 

All U of T students who have paid KPE athletic incidental fees are automatically members

U of T students, who pay mandatory athletic incidental fees, are a priority in our Sport & Rec facilities. The student body informs and governs our decision-making processes involving the provision of recreational and athletic programs and services within our facilities. All community members, including U of T affiliates, are welcome to purchase a Sport & Rec membership, provided that they are aware that student priority programming may limit access to certain facility areas or hours.

Please be advised that we are a multi-use facility with limited availability of activities such as tennis, badminton, drop-in track, and long-course swimming. It is recommended that individuals consider this when purchasing a membership. No compensation or refunds are provided due to closures, schedule changes or varying availability of programming.

All members/students must read and abide by the Member/Guest Policies.

Students must abide by the University of Toronto Code of Student Conduct.

Fall/winter term access

Paid through annual student incidental fees.

Summer term access

Undergraduate Arts & Sciences students enrolled in summer courses pay an athletic incidental fee and have access to U of T Sport & Rec's facilities from May 21 – September 1, 2020.

Undergraduate students not enrolled in summer term courses must purchase a summer membership to continue using the facilities after May 20, 2020.

Graduate students and students enrolled in professional faculties (i.e., medicine, nursing, dentistry, pharmacy, occupational therapy and physical therapy) do not pay KPE incidental fees in the summer term and must purchase a summer membership if they wish to use U of T Sport & Rec's facilities after May 20, 2020.

Students who enroll in summer courses after paying for a summer membership will receive a full refund for their summer membership purchase. Please refer to our membership plans for more information.

Membership Benefits

Membership in our facilities includes access to the following:

  • Access to the Athletic Centre, Goldring Centre for High Performance Sport and Varsity Centre
  • Drop in group fitness classes
  • Lane swimming and fun swims
  • Strength and conditioning spaces, cardio machines, a 200m indoor track, a 400m outdoor track, steam rooms
  • Drop-in basketball, volleyball, soccer, ice skating, cricket, Ultimate, hockey/stick ‘n puck and women’s only sports
  • Family swim, skating, squash and table tennis
  • Recreational court reservations for badminton, tennis, squash and table tennis
  • Educational lectures and seminars
  • Summer Intramural sport leagues & Fall/Winter tournaments
  • Complimentary day lockers *Monthly and yearly locker rentals and towel service are also available for a fee
  • Access to extensive instructional programs *Fees for registered instruction vary depending on the program

Additional membership privileges include:

  • Discounted rates at the Varsity Centre golf range * U of T students golf for free!
  • A 10% discount on child and youth program fees (Junior Blues and Camp U of T) * U of T students receive a 15% discount on child and youth programs