Drop-in Women-Only Lane Swim

The Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical Education strives to create and maintain a welcoming, inclusive atmosphere for all students and members in all our facilities. Women-Only hours reflect the mission of the Faculty and its commitment to education, research, leadership, and the provision of opportunity. Women-Only hours are one of several strategies implemented by the Faculty to optimize participation, reduce barriers to being active, and foster inclusivity across culture, religion and ability level. 

Women-Only Lane Swimming is available during specified times in the Athletic Centre, Benson (25yd) Pool

  • Windows and doors are completely covered.
  • Only women staff members are on deck.
  • An enclosed shower space is available immediately outside the pool.
  • Women can change into bathing attire in accessible, private washrooms adjacent to the pool deck so that they do not need to go through public spaces in bathing attire. 

    Clean swimming attire and towel. Swim caps and goggles can also be worn if preferred.

    If you are using equipment (boards, paddles, fins), please be cautious. The lifeguards may ask you to remove your equipment if the swim is too crowded or you are swimming in an unsafe manner.  

    In an attempt to keep the environment safe, positive and enjoyable for all our patrons we would like you to follow our pool etiquette guidelines. Obey the lifeguards and staff at all times.


    Ontario Health Regulations and Pool Rules:

    • Please shower before swimming.
    • There is no food other than water permitted on deck
    • Outdoor shoes are not permitted on the pool deck.
    • Please do not spit in the pools. Water and spit fountains are available on both pool decks.
    • Diving is not permitted in the North end of the 50m pool or the shallow end of the Benson pool.
    • Please do not chew gum in the pool or the pool area.
    • Listen to the lifeguards at all times.
    • Be aware of all your surroundings and other swimmers at all times.
    • No glass is permitted on the pool deck, in change rooms or in the pool gallery.


    If you have a medical condition, notify the lifeguard or swim with someone who is knowledgeable about your condition. Swimming when ill with diarrhea can contaminate the pool water. Those who have experienced diarrhea should not swim until symptoms have cleared.

    Pool Emergencies: When you hear one long whistle blast please exist the pool immediately at the closest side. One long whistle blast is a signal for a pool clear which is used at the end of swims and also in emergencies and therefore it is extremely important that patrons exit as quickly as possible.

    Lane Speed and Direction

    Please select a lane appropriate to your own speed. If you are continually passing others or being passed please move to a different lane. You may be asked to move for your own safety and the safety of other patrons. Remember that lane speed is relative. You may be a fast lane swimmer one day and a medium lane swimmer the next. Be aware of all your surroundings and other swimmers at all times. Follow the general swim pattern as outlined here and on signs post at each double lane.

    Water Jogging

    Water jogging is only permitted in the slow lane.

    Swim Start Times

    Read the swim schedule carefully Be mindful of your scheduled time in the facility. Please ensure you enter and leave the facility within your allotted time to allow our staff to sanitize between usage periods for all users. Your allotted time includes time at your programmed activity and prompt use of showers and changerooms.


    Avoid hanging off of lane ropes as this causes them to loosen and break. Flip turn carefully towards the centre of the wall; do not flip turn if the wall is particularly crowded.


    Flip turn carefully towards the centre of the wall; do not flip turn if the wall is particularly crowded.


    Passing should occur only at the ends of the lane. If you must pass mid lap do so only if you have a clear and safe path. If someone is attempting to pass you please allow them to do so. Please do not pass or swim in a manner that is aggressive or dangerous to other patrons, or that may block their way. Do not hit or clip other patrons to encourage them to get out of your way; wait until it is safe and then pass. Ask the lifeguard if you require assistance.


    Please note: If you encounter problems with another patron, please inform a Lifeguard and/or Pool Supervisor of the problem rather than confronting the problem yourself.


    25 yard Pool or Benson Pool: The six-lane, 25 yard Benson pool is 1.2 metres shallow to 3.0 metres deep with a water temperature of 84°F. It is used primarily for lane swimming, swim classes and women-only lane swimming and classes.

    A pool lift providing access in all pools is also available. 

    Schedule of all Recreational Swims