GC Strength & Conditioning Centre


The Strength & Conditioning Centre (SCC) is located on the 2nd and 3rd floor of the Goldring Centre for High Performance Sport.  


The SCC is a state-of-the-art multi-purpose training facility with various strength and cardio equipment to help both high-performance athletes and members achieve their training goals. Equipment highlights include:

  • Dedicated tier of squat racks and free weights to enhance any strength-training program. 
  • Versa-climbers are available for cardiovascular training. Weight training equipment uses pneumatic resistance instead of more traditional weight stacks and the centre is wired to support wearable accelerometers.
  • A turf floor space allows users to train on a more forgiving surface while doing movements such as plyometrics, small accelerations, agility drills, and running drills.

Primarily used for strength-based weight training, high-performance training, and group fitness workouts. Secondary uses include practical learning classrooms, and other special events. Check out when Open Gym sessions are available here. Learn more about other available Sport & Rec offerings at the SCC here.


Available for Student Group Access bookings and for community rentals

SCC Rights & Responsibilities

In order to ensure a pleasant experience for all users, please note that this facility is open to all students and members, regardless of ability, race or age. The following rights and responsibilities are in place to create a welcoming and encouraging environment for all. We appreciate your cooperation.


  • Use care with all exercise equipment.
  • Use re-sealable plastic bottles and non-spill containers.
  • Use control when lifting your weights.
  • Use equipment and machines according to their design and purpose.
  • Use safety clips or collars where appropriate.
  • Store personal belongings in the lockers in the change rooms.
  • Provide appropriate identification upon request.


  • Use glass containers.
  • Bang or drop free weights or weight machines plates
  • Move equipment.
  • Bring personal belongings (including laptops, gym bags, coats, handbags, etc.) into the strength and conditioning centre; the Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education is not responsible for lost or stolen property.


  • Clean and wipe-down equipment after use: this includes non-metal contact surfaces (i.e. mats, upholstery, handles, etc.): spray the cloth, then wipe the equipment.


  • Spit in any area including the water fountains.
  • Spray the equipment directly with cleaning products.


  • Share equipment by getting up between sets and allowing other members to “work in”.
  • Return all weights and equipment and accessories to their designated storage areas .
  • Be attentive while listening to personal audio players; listen at a volume that allows you to remain focused on your routine while showing respect to other users.
  • Be attentive to signage as some sections may be closed.
  • Limit your use of mobile devices in activity spaces.
  • Return borrowed equipment to the second floor service desk, you are financially responsible for all borrowed equipment.


  • Wear scented products out of consideration for those with allergies and sensitivities.
  • Exceed the 30-minute time limit on cardio equipment.
  • Monopolize any equipment or activity spaces.
  • Use foul and/or derogatory language.
  • Use any photographic equipment (including laptops and mobile devices) in any facilities; photography permitted by authorized personnel only.
  • Use mobile devices in a way that may disturb others.


  • Wear clean, proper fitness attire at all times:
  • Acceptable tops include t-shirts & tank tops; for your own safety and hygiene, your midriff must be covered.
  • Shorts should be long enough to provide adequate coverage.
  • Athletic footwear is to be worn at all times (with the option of removing shoes when stretching on the mats); shoes must cover the entire foot to help prevent injury.


  • Wear outdoor shoes, boots, dress shoes or sandals.
  • Go barefoot.
  • Wear street or business attire, including jeans.
  • Wear cleats; “Christmas tree“ or “pin spikes” shoes; these will damage the turf surface.


  • Only trained and certified staff, approved by the Goldring Centre's program management team, is permitted to train members in this facility.
  • Other individuals are not permitted to conduct, or solicit for any form of business in the Goldring Centre for High Performance Sport (e.g. personal training, private lessons, etc.).
  • Please note that equipment may be reserved for Faculty research or high performance training.


  • Please consult with a member of our staff if you are unable to resolve a dispute with a fellow member.
  • Members can report incidents of disrespectful behaviour or misconduct directly to staff or by completing a feedback form located outside the main office.
  • Please report any malfunctioning or damaged equipment to staff.


The University of Toronto staff reserves the right to remove or prohibit use of the Strength & Conditioning Centre to anyone found not complying with the rights and responsibilities.