Strength & Conditioning Centre

Located on the ground floor of the Athletic Centre, the Strength & Conditioning Centre (SCC) is available for drop-in activities, small group training, instructional classes and Learn to Move (orientation) sessions.

The SCC offers free weights from 3lbs to 120lbs, strength training machines, squat racks, plyometric boxes and Olympic lifting platforms to help you achieve your workout goals.

Equipment can be borrowed for use in the SCC including strength bands, foam rollers, skipping ropes and agility ladders. Speak to one of our strength & conditioning staff for details or for assistance with your workout.

The East Wing of the SCC is a smaller room that is equipped with squat racks, dumbbells and kettlebells and is available for Student Group Access bookings.

Check the drop-in schedule for women-only hours and program hours to help plan your visit. Strength and conditioning equipment is also available for drop-in use in the Field House and at the Goldring Centre SCC.