Big HIIT classes fun and energizing: Student blogger


If you’re anything like myself, you may struggle to plan workouts to complete on your own, but don’t fret, don’t fear! University of Toronto Sport & Rec is currently offering an amazing group fitness class called Big HIIT. Better yet, it is currently free! Up until October 18th, all group fitness classes are being offered for free, after this date there will be a small membership fee to pay. Take advantage of this opportunity while you can!

All you have to do is register through the Sports & Rec website to secure your spot for that class. Needless to say, Big HIIT is offered multiple times throughout the week so you don’t need to panic if you have a busy schedule.

Now you’re probably wondering what Big HIIT is all about. Well, let me tell you! HIIT stands for high intensity interval training. All of the exercises and movements you do in this class are performed over a short-mid length interval (i.e., 15-30 seconds), and following that you get a rest period (i.e., 10-15 seconds). Then you repeat. This varies based off of two things, one being the intensity of the workout itself, two being the difficulty of the exercise you are performing.

One of my many favourite parts about Big HIIT was that the instructors were so amazing to work with. Their energy and charisma made me want to work just that much harder. With the music pumping, the atmosphere was energetic and fun. For every exercise you were given, they gave you an easier modification and a harder modification. This helped the class to be not so intimidating because the instructors allowed the class to appeal to people of any and all fitness levels. Another benefit to Big HIIT is that there is something different every class. As a workout junkie, I love workouts that differ and have a wide variety of movements within them. This was definitely the case throughout the Big HIIT class.

Last but not least, throughout all these crazy times it can be difficult to find self-motivation. By attending Big HIIT you are able to meet likeminded individuals who are looking to have fun yet stay active at the same time. What better way to get connected to the University of Toronto community? Big HIIT was an experience I thoroughly enjoyed, as did my fellow groupmates. This is a class I myself will continue to take throughout the course of the semester, I hope to meet you there!