Private Patients

Private patients are those who do not fall into the "U of T student" patient category.

Medical Services
We are a referral-based practice. To be assessed by one of our sport physicians you must be referred by your family physician. Most medical services for Canadians are covered by provincial medical plans. If you are covered by the Quebec provincial plan or other insurance plan, you will be required to pay for medical services at the time of your appointment. Our sport physician will complete the necessary medical insurance form for you to submit for reimbursement.

You must present your valid health card each time you visit a sport physician. If your health card is rejected for any reason you will be responsible for the cost of the visit and payment is due immediately.

Therapy Services (May 1, 2023 Fee Increase)
You may be referred for therapy by one of our sport physicians or directly from an external sport physician or an orthopaedic surgeon. Each therapy session is payable at the time of your visit. Your first therapy assessment for each problem is $135 and each follow-up visit is $95.

The clinic receptionist can provide the appropriate billing information. Please check your extended healthcare plan for your specific coverage.

Concussion Services
You may be referred to our Kinesiologist by one of our sport physicians. Functional concussion assessments are $200, and follow up assessments are $120.

Prices are subject to change.