True Blue Award Winners

In the fall of 2016 the University of Toronto introduced the ‘True Blue’ informal recognition program to recognize those staff and faculty members who make invaluable contributions to the University every day.

True Blue staff:

  • Make meaningful connections with others
  • Provide guidance that makes a difference to others
  • Create a sense of community that fosters diversity and inclusion
  • Demonstrate genuine caring for others
  • Conduct their daily work with the utmost of care; and,
  • Make the University great every day by just being here

KPE Winners:

Joel Jackson, Graphic Design Specialist

"Joel takes his responsibility of caring for and conveying the University and Faculty’s brands very seriously, ensuring that his work always upholds the highest standards of excellence and appreciating that an inadvertent error could adversely impact the University or Faculty’s reputation. Joel always takes the time to consider the implications of the decisions he makes in his work to ensure that his projects are reflective of U of T’s values of diversity, inclusion and excellence. He is highly respected across the Faculty and U of T for his counsel and thoughtful approach to his work.”
– Sarah Baker, KPE PR and Communications Director

Tony Amaral, Athletic Facility Assistant
“Every day, Tony promotes the values of inclusion, acceptance and respect. He sincerely greets and serves hundreds of students, staff, faculty and members and goes out of his way to make everyone entering the Athletic Centre feel welcomed.”
– Anne Zavaros, Assistant Facilities Manager

Joe Cappiello, Recruiting Coordinator and Defensive Line Coach
“If 'bleed blue' could be personified it would be Joe. Day in and day out he brings the utmost enthusiasm to his job and the university. Always willing to help and go that extra mile is what makes Joe an invaluable part of our team. He treats every staff member and student with warmth, caring and understanding.”
– Ryan Wilson, Athletic Services Attendant

Sophie Harding, Recruitment, Events and Communications Coordinator
“Sophie always makes time to support her students, listening to them as they discuss personal issues, conducting practice interviews with ambassadors who are applying to med school, or getting them outside their comfort zone to develop their professional skills.”
– Ainsley Goldman, Placement Program Coordinator

Ryan Wilson, Athletic Services Attendant
“Ryan often goes out of his way to make sure that all those who visit the Athletic Center do not leave disappointed. He is always on schedule and can really connect with the students on the academic level since he has an undergraduate degree from the University.”
– Sarkis Hannaian, Teaching Assistant

Luc Tremblay, Associate Dean of Research
“Luc understands that his colleagues and co-workers are people and makes a genuine effort to know them at a personal level. He makes U of T a better place and we are grateful to work with him.”
– Marisol D'Andrea, Research Services Officer

Beth Ali, Executive Director of Athletics and Physical Activity
“Beth fosters an environment that allows staff to develop their professional leadership skills and decision-making ability in a way that integrates multiple perspectives. I consider her a great role model.”
– Katherine Lonergan, Student

Sherry Ing, Co-Curricular Business Officer
“Sherry is so efficient in providing quick turnarounds for last minute itinerary changes, weekly expense reimbursements and answers to financial questions. She loves the Varsity Blues family and being part of U of T, and will always go the extra mile to support the team.”
– Melissa Krist, Manager of Intercollegiate Sport