Drop-in Diving

Springboard diving is permitted in the 50m Pool only (on the 1m and 3m boards) at scheduled times.

Clean swimming attire and towel. Swim caps and goggles can also be worn if preferred.

Ontario Health Regulations and Pool Rules

  • Please shower with soap and warm water before swimming.
  • There is no food other than water permitted on deck.
  • Outdoor shoes are not permitted on the pool deck.
  • Please do not spit in the pools. Water and spit fountains are available on both pool decks.
  • Diving is not permitted in the North end of the 50m pool or the shallow end of the Benson pool.
  • The use of starting blocks is not permitted during recreational swim.
  • Please do not chew gum in the pool or the pool area.
  • Listen to the lifeguards at all times.

If you have a medical condition, notify the lifeguard or swim with someone who is knowledgeable about your condition. Swimming when ill with diarrhea can contaminate the pool water. Those who have experienced diarrhea should not swim until symptoms have cleared.

Pool Emergencies: When you hear one long whistle blast please exist the pool immediately at the closest side. One long whistle blast is a signal for a pool clear which is used at the end of swims and also in emergencies and therefore it is extremely important that patrons exit as quickly as possible.

No glass is permitted on the pool deck, in change rooms or in the pool gallery.

Children are not permitted in the pool area except during Fun Swims, swimming lessons and camp swims.

Springboard diving is permitted in the 50m Pool only (on the 1m and 3m boards). The 5m dive tower is available for use only during scheduled recreational swims on Sundays in the 50m pool, at the pool supervisor/lifeguard’s discretion.

50 metre Pool: The Olympic-sized (50 metre) Varsity pool has eight lanes with a moveable bulkhead and is between 2.3 metres and 4.2 metres deep. The pool has one- and three-metre springboards, three- and five-metre platforms. The water temperature is 80-81°F. It is used for swimming, diving, water polo, synchronized swimming and Varsity events.

A pool lift providing access in all pools is also available.


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