Participants needed for Women with Breast Cancer Post Chemotherapy Study

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Researchers at the University of Toronto are looking to understand the relationship between exercise, mental health and cognitive function in women living with and beyond breast cancer following chemotherapy treatment. This study has been approved by Research Ethics Board at the University of Toronto (#43675).

Participate in a live, instructor-led exercise program in the comfort of your own home!


Who is eligible?


  • Females diagnosed with stage 1-3 non-metastatic breast cancer. 
  • 40-65 years old
  • Engaging in little or no physical activity 
  • Received chemotherapy treatment in the past 12-48 months. 
  • English Fluency 


What is Involved?


  • 2 cognitive function assessments before and after the intervention 

  • Live instructor-led, 8-week exercise program delivered 3 days per week (30 minutes per session)
  • Wear a small, lightweight physical activity device for 7 days during waking hours 
  • Individual interviews about your experiences with the intervention 


You will receive $10 for your participation!

Principal Investigator: Natalie Cuda, Rkin, Bkin 

Contact the Exercise Oncology Lab for more information!


Phone: 416-946-5856