Junior Blues MiniSport Independent

Run, jump and throw! These independent learners participate in a group setting to expand on locomotion, balance and object manipulation skills like rolling, throwing, and catching. The focus remains on fundamental movement skills with an introduction to selected age-appropriate games and sports. These classes are held in the Athletic Centre gyms.

Age guidelines are strictly enforced; children must be the minimum age by the first class and able to participate without a parent/guardian

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Frequently Asked Questions - MiniSport - Independent

How do I enter the facility? Athletic Centre (Saturday Classes)
Junior Blues participants have access to the Athletic Centre through the Athletic Centre main entrance. An access pass is required for all participants at all times.

Please ensure that you arrive with enough time to pick up an access pass from the Junior Blues table located outside the main office before proceeding to the class.

What should children wear and bring?
All participants should come dressed for physical activity in running shoes, shorts or track pants and t-shirts. Remember to bring a water bottle and if you choose to bring snacks for before or after class please keep them nut-free.

Can I watch my child's class?
Yes! Parents are welcome to remain. We ask that parents watch from the designated area and refrain from interacting with their child during the class. Children must be able to participate independently.

What skills are being taught?
Active Start is based on the concept of physical literacy, that children can move with competence and confidence and are prepared for a lifetime of enjoying physical activity. Children in the Active Start caregiver program will focus on the Fundamental Movement Skills including locomotor skills (walking, running, galloping, hopping, skipping and jumping) as well as agility, balance and coordination. Object manipulation skills (throwing, catching, dribbling and kicking) are introduced but are not the focus for this age group.


U Can Move classes are held at the Athletic Centre. Check your receipt to ensure you know where the class is being held.

Change room and washroom location information may be found here.