Junior Blues Gymnastics Caregiver & Tot

Children will learn to run, jump, swing and explore physical activity while having fun. One caregiver per child is required. This class is for children 18 months to 3½ years of age.

Frequently Asked Questions - Gymnastics Caregiver & Tot

How do I enter the facility?
Parent and Tot participants should enter using the door by the bike racks on Harbord Street. Please watch for signage and staff on the first day to direct you to the facility.

Where can I leave my stroller?
During the Caregiver and Tot program ONLY strollers may be brought in through the back doors of the gym and stored inside/behind the railing in the landing area up from the gym.

What should my child wear and bring?
Leotard or shorts and a top
No oversized clothing
No jewellery
Long hair must be tied back with an elastic; no bobbles
No shoes are worn during classes

What skills are being taught?
U of T follows CANGYM; Gymnastics Canada’s National Skill Development and Evaluation program for artistic gymnastics. Children progress through Bronze, Silver and Gold levels with four badges in each level.

How many children are permitted per adult in the parent and tot program?
One adult, actively participating, is required per child in the parent and tot program. Please find full rules and information for the parent and tot gymnastics program here.

More information about the Caregiver & Tot program can be found here: 



Gymnastics classes are held at the Athletic Centre. Check your receipt to ensure you know where the class is being held.

Change room and washroom location information may be found here.