Athletic Centre Field House

The Athletic Centre Field House is located on the third floor and contains a track, multipurpose courts, cardio machines and strength equipment. 

Square Footage: 57,000 square feet.

Available for Student Group bookings.

Available for rent.

Field House Cardio & Strength Equipment

Cardio equipment including Woodway treadmills, ellipticals, ergometers (rowing machines), upright, recumbent and stationary bicycles are available for drop-in use.  A handcyle is located by the ellipticals for those looking for an upper body cardio session.  Strength equipment including leg press, chest press, Smith machine, plyometric boxes and pull up bars are available for drop-in use when the building is open. A strength training circuit is laid out in the alcove behind the elevator.

Field House Courts, 1 - 4

These four multipurpose courts can be set up for basketball, volleyball, drop-in group fitness or tennis.  These courts are available for drop-in, intramurals and instructional programs. Please cross the track at the designated areas to avoid injury.  Be aware when crossing the track.

Field House Track

The field house contains an indoor 200m track available for drop-in use.  Home to the Varsity Blues track and field team there are also indoor jumps and throws areas.  

5 laps = 1 km, 8 = 1 mile.

Safety guidelines for track use

  • Track lanes 1, 2 and 3 are for walking and jogging; track lanes 4 and 5 are for speed training.
  • Follow the directional signage on the track.
  • Review the Track Etiquette information.

Field House Rights & Responsibilities

Welcome to the field house! In order to ensure a pleasant experience for all users, please note that this facility is open to all Athletic Centre members, regardless of ability, race or age. The following rights and responsibilities are in place to create a welcoming and encouraging environment. We appreciate your consideration.

Safety - please do

  • Use care with all exercise equipment.
  • Use re-sealable plastic bottles and non-spill containers.
  • Use control when lifting your weights.
  • Use the equipment and machines according to their design and purpose.
  • Use safety clips or collars when provided.
  • Store personal belongings in the lockers in the change rooms.

Safety - Please do not

  • Use glass containers
  • Move equipment
  • Bring personal belongings (laptops, gym bags, handbags etc.) into the field house. The University of Toronto is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged belongings.

Hygiene - please do

  • Clean and wipe-down equipment after use. This includes non-metal contact surfaces (i.e. mats, upholstery, handles, etc.). Spray the cloth, then wipe the equipment.

Hygiene - please do not

  • Spit in any area of the Athletic Centre, including the water fountains.
  • Spray the equipment directly with cleaning products.

track etiquette - please do

  • Look both ways before you cross the track.
  • Cross only at designated crossing areas.
  • Move out of the way if you hear "track!"
  • Look before you cross the long jump and pole vault runways.
  • Walk and jog in single file.
  • Note that lanes 5 and 6 are speed lanes only.
  • Always pass on the outside.

track etiquette - please do not

  • Stop on the track. Exit only when lanes are clear.
  • Cross the long jump or pole vault areas during Blues training times (check posted signs).
  • Use personal music players with headphones / earbuds on the track during peak times: Monday - Thursday between 4 - 9pm and Saturdays between 10am - 12pm.

Courtesy & privacy - please do

  • Share equipment by getting up between sets and allowing other members to “work in”.
  • Return all weights and equipment to their designated storage areas.
  • Be attentive while listening to personal audio players; listen at a volume that allows you to remain focused on your routine while showing respect to other users.

courtesy & privacy - please do not

  • Wear scented products out of consideration for those with allergies and sensitivities.
  • Exceed the poster maximum times for cardio equipment.
  • Monopolize any equipment.
  • Use foul and/or derogatory language.
  • Use any photographic equipment (including laptops and mobile devices in any Athletic Centre Facilities.

attire - please do

  • Wear clean, proper fitness attire at all times.
  • Acceptable tops include: t-shirts, tank tops and sports bras.
  • Bottoms: Shorts should be long enough to provide adequate coverage.
  • Shoes: Athletic footwear must be worn at all times (shoes can be removed to stretch on the mats). Shoes must cover the entire foot, to help prevent injury.
  • Competition footwear - ONLY 6mm or smaller "pyramid" spikes are to be used on the track.

Attire - please do not

  • Wear outdoor shoes, boots, dress shoes, or sandals.
  • Go barefoot.
  • Wear street weary, including jeans.
  • Wear "Christmas tree" or "pin spikes" shoes; these will destroy the track surface.

authorized training

  • Only trained and certified staff, approved by the Athletic Centre's program management team, is permitted to train members in this facility.
  • Other individuals are not permitted to conduct, or solicit for any form of business in the Athletic Centre (personal training, private lessons etc).
  • Please note that equipment may be reserved for Faculty research or high performance training.

Staff assistance

  • Please consult with a member of our staff if you are unable to resolve a dispute with a fellow member.
  • Members can report incidents of disrepectful behaviour or misconduct directly to staff or by completing a feedback form located outside the main office.
  • Please report any malfunctioning or damaged equipment to staff.


The University of Toronto staff reserves the right to remove or prohibit use of the field house to anyone found not complying with the rights and responsibilities.