Hitting golf balls, letting off steam: Student blog

A student swings a golf club at the Varsity dome (picture by Oscar Starschild)

Student blogger Oscar Starschild likes to hit some golf balls for exercise - and to let off some steam. 

Last week, I visited the Varsity dome/bubble to hit some balls on Sport & Rec’s drop-in golf driving range. It’s quite popular so spaces are limited, and you must register in advance; usually on the minute in order to secure your spot.

But don’t worry about any costs as all equipment (including balls) is provided free of charge. Instead, your only worry will be how to swing and aim properly so that you actually might hit the ball and get it flying off the mat.

Swinging a golf club takes some getting used to. It seems to awaken muscles you normally aren’t even aware of having until you try hitting a golf ball. Well, at least, that’s been my experience. But after some time, you get the swing of it and can improve your precision enough to get balls in the vicinity of your targets. I even managed to get a few on target, which made me feel a bit better about my otherwise lousy swing.

I also got to meet some friendly students like Justin, who studies economics, mathematics, and statistics. He told me that he comes there frequently, as he tries to make the most of the off-season, in preparation for regular season play. He recommends that any students interested in playing golf take advantage of Sport & Rec’s driving range as it’s free of charge.

Golf is a sport that requires lots of practice to get good at but it’s also just another fun way to keep active and socialize. I also think it’s a great way to let off some steam, as you can hit as many balls as you like in your allotted hour on the range. Anyway, that’s primarily why I use it.