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Intro to Grad School: Success Stories from Grad Students

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Considering graduate studies or further graduate education at KPE? Tune in online on Wednesday November 30 to get insights into the application process from current graduate MSc and PhD students, along with tips on selecting and applying to graduate positions, funding opportunities, and more. This event will be tailored to upper-year undergraduate and Masters students, but all are welcome. No research experience necessary!

Panelists include:

Biophysical Studies

  • Beata Friesen: Beata is an MSc student in the muscle biochemistry lab, which conducts research on the role of heat shock proteins in the muscle cell stress response. Her research is specifically focused on the effect of estrogen on the repeated bout effect.

  • Alexa Govette: Alexa is a PhD student investigating exercise and nutritional interventions for improving metabolic health in women at risk for, or with, metabolic disease.

 Behavioural Studies

  • Samira Sunderji: Samira is in her first year of the MSc program at KPE. As a part of the Health Behaviour and Emotion Lab under the supervision of Dr. Catherine Sabiston, her research interests focus on understanding how domains of self-efficacy, mental fatigue, and body image perceptions impact one’s ability to engage in exercise decision-making processes.

  • Roxy O'Rourke: Roxy is a PhD student whose research, broadly, focuses on sport and mental health. Much of her work focuses on working with populations identified as at a high risk of experiencing mental illness, including individuals with disabilities or chronic health conditions. For her dissertation, she is working alongside high-performance parasport athletes to develop a mental health intervention for use in parasport.

Physical Cultural Studies

  • Shalom Brown: Shalom is an MSc student. Her research is an artistic exploration of the social constructions of race and physical movement. Focusing on mixed-race individuals, the project aims to dismantle oppressive categories of racial identity and physicality, using art creation to imagine otherwise possibilities.

  • Matthew Blundell: Matthew is a PhD student conducting research in the area of sport for development and peace. As such, he is interested in the social and political implications of using sport as a development tool. His research to-date has focused on locating and studying novel ways of doing sport for development work for the purposes of improving the field. As a research assistant, he has been involved in a number of consultancy projects for the United Nations geared towards developing policy documents for sport for development practitioners that can be used to better inform their practice.

  • Erin Sullivan: Erin is a first-year direct-entry PhD candidate in the Sport and Cultural Environment (SPaCE) lab. She plans to conduct research that uses critical animal studies to examine the role speciesism plays in (re)producing white supremacy and oppression in sport, as well as looking at animal exploitation and environmental destruction as a result of sporting event.

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