Varsity or competitive athletes (20-29 years old) wanted for Exercise and Learning Study

The Exercise and Learning Study aims to understand the effect of a single session of aerobic exercise on an individual’s ability to learn a new motor skill.  


What will I do for this study?

  • 3 visitsfor a total of approximately 3 hours and 45 minutes 
    • Session 1: 1 hr 15min
    • Session 2: 1hr 45min
    • Session 3: 45min
  • Complete an aerobic exercise (VO2max) test (7-12 minutes)
  • Learn a computerized hand-eye coordination game
  • 20 minutes of stationary cycling


Is this study right for me?

We are seeking volunteers who are:

  • Varsity or competitive athletes 
  • Healthy
  • 20-29 years old
  • Right handed
  • Non-smoking
  • Not cannabis users


Individuals who previously completed the Transfer of Motor Skills Study are not eligible to participate in this study.  


Participants will be compensated for their time and earn up to $50. The research will be conducted at the Athletic Centre (55 Harbord Street)at the University of Toronto. 



To find out more information or participate in the Exercise and Learning Study, please contact Andrea Hung at